Choceur 70% Fairtrade Dark Chocolate

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Having bought and tasted his, I was in the middle of writing up the review when I read somewhere that Aldi had outperformed the big four supermarkets in a recent customer satisfaction survey. Yes, Choceur the Aldi in-house chocolate brand – has gone Fairtrade, and this is the dark chocolate version of the two bars on sale.

I have to say that appearance wise it isn’t much different to any other supermarket’s ‘Bestest’ or ‘Savour the Poshness’ ranges. Dark, glossy chocolate with a good sheen, a crisp snap, and a slightly bitter cacao aroma. On the palette it’s quick to melt, delivering acidic, bittersweet cacao flavours with a slight burnt sugar top note. The finish is a mixture of the sweetness with a hint of toasted nuts, slightly acidic but with good solid cacao base notes.

Given the fact that it’s made from “Belgian Chocolate’ I’m sure there’s every possibility that more than one supermarket is using the same couverture for their 70% Fairtrade chocolate. In fact there can’t be too many cacao producers who could satisfy the demands of supermarkets, particularly those who have international presence.

Given that more and more of us are popping into what used to be considered ‘low budget’ supermarkets it makes sense for Aldi to develop a quality range of products, and this definitely compares favourably with similar offerings from other, better known supermarket chains. It costs less than a quid, 99.4% of the ingredients are Fairtrade, and as such it’s a perfectly acceptable everyday dark chocolate. I used some to make a batch of chocolate mousses (of which more at some other point) and it had just the depth of flavour I wanted.

For what it is and how much it costs, there isn’t really anything bad you could say about this bar. It’s not gourmet chocolate, it’s not made from a batch of rare beans brought down from the Andes on the backs of Llamas, and so it doesn’t cost a fortune but does give you plenty of bang for your buck. Give it a go – what do you have to lose?


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  1. Jobey1Kenobi

    Aldi and Choceur aren’t listed on the Fairtrade website (or not the English page anyway).

    How can we be certain of the authenticity of the Fairtrade stamp?

    It seems legit but I just can’t find them on the website!

  2. penny

    How about caffeine??

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