Twinings Chocolate Indulgence

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Twinings Chocolate Indulgence

Having started at the top, so to speak, with a review of Hotel Chocolat’s Liquid Chocolate, followed by a disappointingly sugary Hot Dark Choc, I continued my quest to find the best Drinking Chocolates with this, Twinings Luxury Chocolate Drink.

As you can see from the tin, it contains no less than 65% real chocolate (real BELGIAN chocolate, no less), but as I learned to my disappointment with Drink Dark Choc, that is no guarantee that it won’t also be loaded to the gunnels with sugar. The good news is that Twinings have taken a similar approach to Hotel Chocolat with their product. This drinking chocolate contains only 5% raw cane sugar, making it remarkably similar to Liquid Chocolate in consistency and flavour.

The ‘powder’ in the tin is in fact made up of shaved Belgian dark chocolate mixed with cocoa powder, so mixing it to a paste takes a little longer than it might do, but the end product is a satisfyingly rich, slightly bitter drink with tons of lovely chocolately flavour.

Most importantly, Twinings have left it up to the consumer to decide how sweet they want their drinking chocolate, so if you fancy popping a spoonful ofsugar in you can (or indeed if you prefer to add the liqueur of your choice, you can do that too!)

This is a fine quality, premium drinking chocolate, very similar in taste and consistency to Hotel Chocolat’s Liquid Chocolate. It’s drinking chocolate for grownups, dark, rich and bursting with the bittersweet flavours of good quality chocolate and cocoa. I’d recommend serving it with a tot or two of your favourite booze and a dollop of whipped cream.


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  1. hel

    mmm, sounds very nice, i’ll look out for it next time i go shopping. i’m glad i found this blog as i am a bit of a chocaholic!

  2. Mark

    Don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m always left with a pool of melted chocolate in the bottom of the mug/cup, even after blending and using hot milk. Tastes very nice though.

  3. Simon

    I think that’s pretty inevitable. There must be some portion of the cocoa solids that can’t be kept in suspension in the milk. I occasionally whizz it in a blender (or use a hand blender) and that seems to do the best job – plus you get a lovely frothy head on your cocoa!

  4. Mrs G Stuttle

    Have you changed the shape of the container from oval to round, I can no longer find the oval one. The round tin seems to be a different product.

  5. I need to find out who stocks Twinings chocolate indulgence

  6. can you find Twinings chocolate indulgence for me, I have searched everywhere?

  7. Anne Beazley

    Does anyone know where I can buy Twinings Luxury Chocolate Drink ? I have been buying this for months and I am so hooked on this drink – I have tried every supermarket I can think of but they all seem to have stopped stocking this item.

    I have also tried the round tin and yes the product does taste different.

  8. Osip Jag

    The Chocolate Indulgence is available on the Twinings USA website and it’s on sale at $6. Go to Use SAVETWENTY coupon and get 20% off too (but there’s a $15 minimum order requirement). Good luck.

  9. Iain Green

    Certainly does not exist on the Twinings UK website

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