Sir Hans Sloane Marbles

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Red, white & blue marbles! Sir Hans Sloane are quite well known for their patriotic chocolate novelties, so it’s no surprise that this little bag of ‘marbles’ has been produced to coincide with the Jubilee. Now personally, I don’t know anyone who is celebrating that, but clearly some people do or there wouldn’t be a market for them. Me? I’m just in it of for the chocolate.

As you might have guessed, these are really white chocolate, but rather than simply being coloured, the white chocolate is conched with strawberry and blackcurrant. The result is a very pleasant glossy, marbled effect, and a hint of flavour to the red and blue marbles.

But these aren’t just solid balls. Inside each one is a small piece of speculoos biscuit that gives a very satisfying crunch, not unlike a malteser, although there’s more chocolate than crunch here.

Combine the crunchiness with the subtle flavours and the result is a tasty snack that’s quite difficult to stop eating.

So despite not celebrating the Jubilee, I’d be quite happy to munch on these all day. Thankfully, for the sake of my own health, they only sent me this one bag.

Finally, here’s a short interview with Sir Hans Sloane’s chocolatier Bill McCarrick, talking about his marbles and the rest of their current range.


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