Paul A. Young Brownie

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Paul A. Young Brownie

Some say that Paul A. Young produces the best chocolate brownies in London. (Crikey, I sound like Jeremy Clarkson introducing the Stig!). Having thoroughly enjoyed Thornton’s Mini Brownies, I was pleasantly surprised to find one of Paul’s brownies in my goodybag from Mexican Tourist Board “Tequila and Chocolate” evening Dom & I attended recently. There’s something of a size contrast though – these brownies are monsters.

Paul A. Young Brownie

We’re not just talking size here though – the brownie is dense. It feels as though it’s going to be something remarkable before you even open it. Slice a piece off and start tasting and you realise that this is some serious business. I actually chopped this thing up and shared it among eight or nine people, every one of whom commented on its density and intensity of flavour. This is indeed the Daddy of all chocolate brownies. It’s dense, rich, packed full of amazing rich, sticky, dark chocolate gooeyness, and you really shouldn’t be allowed to buy more than one a week. If you’re a scientist interested in Dark Matter, this might be something you should check out. If you’re someone who likes nothing better than a coffee and a piece of the richest chocolate cake you can find then look no further – Paul A. Young has the thing you crave. I shudder to think what the label would read if it were to list calorific and other values, but luckily it doesn’t. so all you can do is sit and relish every moist, rich, indulgent mouthful.

For serious lovers of all things dark and sticky.


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