Chocolate & Love Panama 80%

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Chocolate & Love Panama 80%

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Chocolate & Love. The British chocolate company has been fairly quiet since the successful launch of their “Choc Stars” brand of character chocolate bars, which I guess is what’s been taking up most of their time.

But they’re back with a new single origin bar and they were kind enough to send us a sample to review.

This 80% dark chocolate is made in Switzerland. I’m not sure who makes it for Chocolate & Love, but it’s most likely to be Felchlin, one of the better large chocolate makers, who also produce some fantastic bars for Original Beans.

Chocolate & Love Panama 80%

As with all their own label dark chocolate bars, Chocolate & Love make a big deal about ethics and the inside of the wrapper is packed with information. The chocolate made from 100% fairly traded and organic ingredients, and the wrapper even tells you that the beans come from the COCABO cooperative.

Chocolate & Love is even part of the scheme, and has so far been responsible for planting an impressive 18,000 trees.

Chocolate & Love Panama 80%

The chocolate itself is a fairly ordinary looking bar. As you might expect from an 80% chocolate, it has a deep, rich colour, and that’s something that’s reflected in the taste.

The flavour is intense and chocolatey, but not especially complex. There are’s a strong cocoa powder note, but it’s also surprisingly sweet for an 80% chocolate, so it’s really quite accessible.

If you imagine a really strong hot chocolate drink but in bar form, you’ll get a good idea of the flavour of this chocolate.

Chocolate & Love Panama 80%

So despite the lack of complexity, I enjoyed this bar. It’s the kind of chocolate you can just keep by your desk at work and break off a chunk every now and then as a pick me up. If you need a little intensity in your life but don’t care too much for subtle flavour notes, then this is worth picking up. And remember, the more you eat, the quicker you’ll save the planet!


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  1. Vera

    Hi Dom, their chocolate is made by Bernrain.

  2. I love it!!! I’m a big fan of this chocolate! I tasted it recently in a trade fair but I have to find out where it’s been sold in Barcelona!

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