Kshocolât Mini Orangettes

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Kshocolat Mini Orangettes

Kshocolât are a Scottish company whose products have been finding their way onto supermarket shelves for a while now, and Dom has had a few things to say to them about their products before now.

These Mini Orangettes are (to quote the bag) “tiny pieces of crystallised orange enrobed in dark chocolate”. By dark chocolate they mean a 53% cocoa confection, and when the bag is opened and contents revealed, they look dark enough, if a little too shiny.

The shininess becomes more worrying once one of these morsels is on the tongue. It appears to be some sort of waxy finishing coat (choco-Ronseal?) and although it’s pretty thin and doesn’t hang around for long, it’s somewhat disconcerting on the palate.

Unpleasant coatings out of the way, the next real taste is a slightly bitter chocolate taste followed immediately by the sweetness of the crystallised orange. No, more immediately than that. A rush of sweet orange, then more sweet orange. The chocolate could be almost anything. In fact what it’s most like is one of Hershey’s less palatable efforts. There’s a slight mustiness to the taste which is very off-putting. Far better to bite down on the thing and allow the orange to obliterate everything.

It has to be said that the most enjoyable part of these was the orange. Not a great recommendation for a company called Kshocolât.


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