Cadbury Wispa Gold

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Wispa Gold

Bubbly chocolate from Cadbury may be a relatively new thing down under, but in my particular part of the planet, Cadbury have been making it for almost as long as NestlΓ©. Wispa of course was killed off by Cadbury in 2003 as part of the great (and misguided) Dairy Milk rebranding.

Fast forward to 2007 and Wispa was reintroduced following various online campaigns to bring it back. National newspapers even credited Chocablog for accomplishing this feat, but it took another two years for the Wispa Gold variant to return.

Wispa Gold

Once removed from the shiny, sparkly wrapper, Wispa Gold looks quite dull. There’s no markings, no fancy design or interesting patterns, no nothing. I would go so far as to say it’s the most boring looking chocolate in the history of everything.

Inside, things get marginally more interesting…

Wispa Gold

As you can see, the ‘Gold’ in question is a thin layer of caramel. The tagline on the wrapper calls it a “cheeky layer of caramel”. I have no idea what “cheeky” means in this context, but judging by the caramel itself I would have to guess at “really sweet and runny”.

The bubbly chocolate is also reduced to a thin layer, and the whole thing is wrapped in non-bubbly chocolate, which ends up being most of the bar. And that’s all there is to it. It’s exactly the same ingredients as Cadbury’s Caramel… sorry “Dairy Milk With Caramel” – just put together is a different (and more expensive) way.

The overall result is something that’s quite different from a regular Wispa. You don’t get that light, almost velvety texture, but you do get a little variation in taste and texture – something the original Wispa has never had. It’s still light enough that it’s not overly sickly, and I managed to scoff my way through this 52g bar with ease.

I was 25 when this bar was first launched in 1995, so it wasn’t really part of my childhood. If it was part of yours, then it will almost certainly bring back happy memories, but I can’t see myself craving another in the foreseeable future.

(And yes, I’m just hoping Cadbury kill it off again, so we can get credited with bringing it back in another 15 years…)


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  1. Jim

    Great review Dom I really enjoyed readin it. I just hope that this relaunch is a success I really want to see the wispa mint come back.

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Yeah, it’s one of those things I’d really like to see hang around, even though it’s not really my ‘thing’. In the same way I’d be devastated if Curly Wurly disappeared, even though I haven’t bought one since I was 10. πŸ™‚

  3. Laura

    I love the original Wispa bars because of their aerated texture and, personally, I think the addition of caramel completely ruins it. You lose that great mouth feel and, as you said, it just becomes a slightly different version of the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk with Caramel.

    By the way, Dom – is Chocablog still hiring new people or have you already filled the vacancies? Do I still have time to apply?

    Laura (long-time reader, first-time commenter).

  4. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Laura – Chocablog is always open for new contributors. I obviously can’t promise anything, but send me a message via the contact form and I’ll be happy to look at it!

    And keep commenting. We love comments. πŸ™‚

  5. sinead

    I bought one of these this morning out of curiosity, have to say i was a little bit disappointed, the ratio of caramel and chocolate was perfect, they havnt spared the caramel but i just couldnt put my finger on what wasnt right until i deconstructed my last inch of it and realised that the carmel has absolutely no taste what so ever….very disappointing indeed, ill be sticking with the pure Wispa in future and getting my caramel hit elsewhere!

  6. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I tell you what might be nice. A dark chocolate Wispa with sea-salted caramel.

    Come on Cadbury… I know you’re listening… πŸ™‚

  7. Simon

    Reading this means I never have to buy one out of nostalgic curiosity. How well I recall the lack of interesting flavours and dull, dull milk chocolate. I think if I was given one of these I’d be hard pressed to finish the blighter.

    Can you imagine Cadbury’s EVER going near sea salted caramel and good quality dark chocolate in one bar? (Okay, I know the ‘posh’ dark Cadbury chocolate I reviewed at the beginning of the year was good, but we can’t get that here, never mind anything vaguely different or adventurous.)

  8. Hannah

    We did have such a thing in Australia once, pretty much identical actually. The Cadbury Crave. It was discontinued a few years ago and now no one seems to remember it, but it was a favourite of mine.

  9. Jean

    Wispa Gold’s just come to Australia under the radar, it’s in Coles. I just had my first bar! I love it! I don’t think Cadbury’s meant for it to come out here! Would love to try the Mint now…never heard of that one… Yum!

  10. Jean

    Oh…and the dark, sea salt idea…now I would LOVE to try that…what a great idea Dom!

  11. heather

    The crave was my favorite candy bar when I went to Australia years ago. It never came out in the states and i have been trying to figure out where I could get some more. Now I can stop my search after discovering that they have been discontinued…my life will never bee the same

  12. Paula

    I am so glad they have bought it back. I remember buying one every week with my shopping and I have a photo of my daughter (now 13) playing with the bar while sitting in her highchair. It was an orange wrapper and it had the caramel in it then. (This is how I know how long ago it was a photo memory of the bar lol)

    I was devastated when they took it off the market and I actually wrote to cadbury to find out why. Well obviously that didnt work.

    Well after 15 years its about time its back and hopefully here to stay. Talk about excitement when I saw it (36yr old) and was jumping up and down like a kid.(yeah I know a bit pathetic!

  13. alan

    I think Wispa Golds are gorgeous and outshine the normal wispa πŸ™‚ I like the fact they are exactly the same as they always have been, not smaller, thinner, etc, as for the caramel tasting of nothing, I couldn’t agree less lol its delicious! Lovely wispa + yummy cadburys caramel = winner! πŸ™‚

  14. Kel

    I completely disagree!! I could eat wisper golds all day every day they are the best chocolates ever!! I wish that they would be brought back to Australia I keep checking in coles every week to see if they are back!! PLEASE bring back wispa golds my family, my work mates, all my mates and myself are looking forward to them being back on the shelves!! πŸ˜‰

  15. mmmmmmmm tasty goods are my right?

  16. Amy

    Thanks for this article. I am allergic to soy and have coeliac disease, and as odd as it may seem this bar is actually both gluten free and soy friendly. Unlike most chocolates, cadbury UK chocolates seem to be made without any additional soya lecithin(a product in virtually all chocolate bars around)! Unlike Cadbury Australia πŸ™

    I’m in Australia and found it at a Coles in late March here in one of the suburbs of Canberra! It was the only bar I can even have on my diet! Then they removed it.

    The good news is the IGA down the road from me is currently stocked with Cadbury ‘Twisted’ Creme Egg bars imported from the UK, similar to the Limited Edition Wispa Gold that I saw months ago!

    I have reviewed these in more detail on my blog (copy and paste link below):

    PS: Dom, if I could offer you a suggestion, you might want to consider linking to Cadbury UK somewhere in your blog. If their IT technical staff are ‘up to it’ they’ll receive an alert and someone from their production team will probably most definitely read this post.

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