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Last week Chocablog’s Canadian correspondent Michael was visiting the UK, so I took the opportunity to show him round some of London’s chocolate shops. We visited eight shops in total, and I picked this bar up at Rococo’s Motcomb Street shop.

It’s a 70g bar of 65% organic dark chocolate, made with beans from Rococo’s “Grococo” farm in Grenada. Produced with the Grenada Chocolate Company, it’s one of the most ethical chocolates money can buy, but of course what really drew me to this was my almost fanatical love of ginger.

The chocolate follows the same format as the other Rococo artisan bars, like the Basil & Persian Lime I reviewed last year. It has a nice glossy finish and a good clean snap. Like that bar, this one uses essential oil for flavouring, and for me that’s where the problem lies.

The ginger flavour is subtle, very subtle. If you don’t like ginger as much as I do, that’s fair enough, but when I bought a bar called ‘Crystallised Ginger’, I was hoping for chunks of ginger embedded in the chocolate. Preferably very large chunks. Alas, this chocolate is entirely smooth, and while it does have some ginger flavour, there’s no heat at all.

I don’t know that I was ever going to be completely satisfied by a ginger bar without a real kick, and that’s not necessarily Rococo’s fault. The chocolate is nice enough, it’s just too subtle for me!


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  1. Paul Vincent

    To be honest, I’m a bit worried that Rococo might fall foul of Trades Descriptions here – to specify “Crystallized Ginger” rather than merely “Ginger” in the name of the bar could reasonably be interpreted as a clear indication that the bar actually contains, er, crystallized ginger. That it does not could reasonably be interpreted as misleading. Worrying to see this from a maker as usually-reliable as Chococo.

  2. Disappointing, a crystallised ginger bar really needs discernible bits and flavour, both.

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