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I always get excited when small chocolatiers contact us to tell us about what they’re doing. Last week, Kathleen Crymble from Crymble’s Confectionery did just that. She’d seen the discussion about the late, great Fry’s Five Centres on our Fry’s Chocolate Cream review and wanted to talk about her own fruity fondant creams. I suggested she send samples…

What’s great about Kathleen is that she makes her chocolates fresh and to order, selling them both online and at a local farmers market.

The first thing you notice about these chocolates is the rich, dark belgian chocolate. It’s smooth and glossy and has a wonderful aroma. The second thing you notice is that all the fondant fillings look the same, no matter what the flavour. That’s presumably because no artificial colours, flavours or additives are used in any of Crymble’s chocolates.

While I’m all for natural ingredients, I think I’d have liked to have seen some subtle colouring to differentiate the flavours. I also found them to be a little too firm for my liking. The taste was spot on, but the texture was just a little too solid. If they could be made a little fluffier, or even more liquid, then they would be perfect.

The dark chocolate itself was delicious and tasted every bit as good as it looked. The wonderful flavour complemented the sweetness of the fillings perfectly.

So while these aren’t really anything like the old Fry’s Five Centre bar, they are definitely worth trying… and the rest of Crymble’s range of chocolates look quite tempting too.


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