Paul A Young Valentine’s Chipotle Brownie

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Paul A Young Valentine's Chipotle Brownie

We’ve reviewed Paul A Young’s brownies several times in the post, so the chances are you already know what to expect here. A delicious, gooey, fudgey, chocolatey block that may not technically be a brownie, but it tastes so good, that doesn’t really matter.

This Valentine’s Day variation is made with chipotle chilli, maldon sea salt and muscovado sugar, and in my opinion, it’s up there with the best of Paul’s creations.

Paul A Young Valentine's Chipotle Brownie

The initial flavour when you bite into this brownie is quite random, thanks to the scattering of salt and sugar on the surface. You might get some sweet sugar crystals, or you may get something a little saltier. But that initial burst gives way quickly to a deep, rich chocolatey flavour with a smokey edge, thanks to to the chipotle.

It’s a flavour that works very well with the chocolate, and as the brownie melts away in your mouth, the heat from the chipotle starts to take over. While quite noticeable, the heat is never overpowering though, and like the taste, it’s perfectly balanced.

Paul A Young Valentine's Chipotle Brownie

But would you give a brownie for Valentine’s day? Well you probably wouldn’t give a normal brownie, but given that these creations are practically a meal in themselves I’d say it was perfect for sharing. And it’s sure to add a bit of spice to Valentine’s Day.

Paul A Young does not currently have an online store, but if you call one of the shops, they can often arrange delivery for you.


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  1. Kev

    I would give a brownie for Valentines Day…to myself ! Well, this one anyway.

  2. Oh gosh! Wish he was in Australia! Looks like we have to make a London trip this year sometime for our brownie fix 🙂

  3. Was just checking out his Valentine’s Day truffles and came across your site. And yes, I’d give a brownie or, more likely, brownies for Valentine’s Day 🙂 They’re my favorite cake/dessert.

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