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Earlier this year when I emailed Emma at Conscious to tell her she’d won a Chocster, her reply mentioned a range of new flavours she was working on. Since I enjoyed her previous ten bars so much I naturally (and bravely) volunteered to test drive the new batch when they were ready. Sure enough Emma came through and I found myself looking at this – a coffee chocolate bar.

I believe I have made past mention of a) my love of coffee and b) my disappointment in the quality of coffee/chocolate bars and sweets in general, so this little bar was going to have to be very good to impress me.

As you can see, Conscious don’t ‘do’ fancy themed packaging or funky containers. Everything is hand made and hand wrapped using recycled and food-friendly materials. The important stuff is on the inside, folks.

Of course the chocolate in question is the standard Conscious blend of raw (mostly organic) ingredients. No refined sugars, so artificial anything. Just great ingredients to produce an unusual but very moreish bar. How would it taste with coffee though?

Short answer? Amazing.

This is the nearest I have ever come to a proper espresso coffee in a chocolate bar. All of the rich, deep aromas and flavours of top quality coffee beans came rocketing out the moment the first square hit my tongue. As the raw chocolate rapidly melted away my mouth was flooded with proper coffee. This one had me grinning like an idiot – at last, a bar that fulfilled my expectations! My only regret is that it took a matter of minutes to make the rest disappear.

I for one will certainly be keeping an eye out for this particular bar. It isn’t cheap, but I tell you now reader, if you like coffee and chocolate you simply have to give this a go – it’s a stunner. Thank you Emma, you’ve made me very happy indeed!


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  1. You lucky duck, Simon. Coffee and chocolate – if done as well as you describe – is as close to perfection as you can get.

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