Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur

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That’s right, Thorntons are now selling their very own chocolate liqueur! Or more correctly, your favourite booze emporiums are now selling a Thorntons chocolate liqueur.

The drink was launched last month at an event which I unfortunately missed, but Thorntons were kind enough to send a bottle along for me to sample. There was no accompanying press release, so I decided to just try a glass or three.

I should warn you then that I’m writing this review while in a mild state of inebre… inniebri… drunkenness.

The drink was developed by Thorntons Master Chocolatier Keith Hurdman, and as you might guess from the appearance, can best be described as a chocolatey version of Baileys (albeit made with vodka rather than whiskey).

Thorntons might tell you might tell you that it’s unique and distinctive and took many months of arduous development work, but when you’ve consumed a large wine glass full like I just have, that doesn’t really matter. It’s chocolatey Baileys.

And very nice it is too. As you may have guessed, I know very little about this kind of thing, but if you like chocolate and you like sweet, creamy liqueurs, then you’ll love it. Personally, I’m looking forward to experimenting with cocktails using it. But I’m fairly sure I’m going to need another bottle for that.

Thorntons! Are you reading this? Send more liqueur!

(Oh yes. Drink responsibly, please. Not like me. I’m not responsible at all.)


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  1. Ana

    It sounds great. 😀 Chocolate + liqueur is one of my favourite combinations.

    PS – How is the Monin syrup I saw on twitter about a week ago? I keep seeing them in stores, they look so tempting – are they really what they promise to be?

    • Dom (Chocablog Staff)

      I like the Monin syrups! They are just sugar, water, flavour and colour, but they make fun cocktails. We had the chocolate and the pistachio – which made cocktails that tasted like marzipan.

  2. Well it’s got to be tried! I will be getting a bottle soon although I dread to think how many calories it will have.

  3. Yasmin Selena Butt

    I was lucky enough to win a bottle, it tastes far better than their chocolates to be honest. But seems to also be more alcoholic in strength, then the percentile listed. Too drinkable for it’s own good! Thumbs up to Thorntons on this one from me : )

  4. One of my favourite drinks is Amarula (used to love Baileys but switched to Amarula after some safari sundowners in Africa long ago and luckily it’s easy to find here now).

    I reckon this one would be right up my street. Do you think the Thorntons fairy might visit me?

  5. manuela

    Very very moreish!

  6. sue

    Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur is simply the best. My very best friend got me a bottle for my birthday 7th Dec, and, it was the best gift ever. I would love to be the official sampler of this Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur, i would sample it free of charge for Thorntons 😀

  7. Lea

    I tried Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur last year when at the Good Food Show. It is lovely, it tastes a lot smoother and moreish than Baileys!
    I will definitely recommend Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur to anyone, it is lovely drizzled over ice cream too!!
    It’s just a bit disappointing you can only purchase at Large Stores of Asda or over the Internet – when is it going to be available in all Supermarkets & Off Licence’s?

  8. Charlie Marshall

    This is fabulous, much nicer than baileys, and the chocaletes are the best too 🙂

  9. Goat

    Storage: fridge? I’ve just skim-read somewhere that liqueurs can be stored at room temperature (‘ambient’), but ‘cream’ liqueurs should be kept in the fridge (once opened…unless you plan to do the lot in a day or two). The ‘cream’ means it actually contains cream (or a dairy/milk ingredient?) which will go bad, eventually.
    So, on the front it says, ‘liqueur’, but on the back the description says, ‘cream liqueur’ and “contains milk”. There’s a Best Before date, but no EXPIRY Date – are there storage (once opened) instructions? Tesco’s description says, Storage: Ambient, but is that once opened?
    I have no idea if 17% alcohol can preserve cream liqueur or not. I’d say fridge it, or if the fridge is full of Xmas scraps, keep it in a cold/cool room or just do it in 1.
    The Thorntons webpage for this item isn’t working on my mobile – although official websites often have zero useful product details anyway.

  10. Maggie Blaney

    A chocolate manufacturer producing booze? Only in the UK not in Canada. Guess I will never ever get a chance to sample it, pity!

  11. unni

    where I can see the expiry date. I searched on the bottle neck. but didn’t find

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