Camaya 60% Dark Chocolate Slab With Cashew & Sesame

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Camaya 60% Dark chocolate Slab With Cashewnuts & Sesame

Strange how we Chocabloggers seem to hit ‘runs’ of certain ingredients. Rather like the old cliché about buses, we wait ages for one and then several arrive all at once.

Well here we are with another sesame – related chocolate bar, or should I say slab. One hundred grams of 60% cocoa dark chocolate studded with caramelised cashews which have been sprinkled with white sesame seeds.

The chocolate itself is a tangy, citrussy litle number with a smooth mouthfeel and good dark cocoa flavours. Camaya use Belgian chocolate, and this one is very smooth, slightly woody, and deeply chocolatey. The cashew/sesame/caramel addition adds an occasional hit of nut and burnt sugar to this mix. This was one of those ‘moreish’ bars. Ordinarily I manage to finish a review with no more than 30% of the bar/selection in question gone. This slab had no chance – by the time I was done enjoying it and trying to describe it, there was precious little left.

It’s also very good value for a fine hand-made chocolate.

Camaya is the work of a lady called Anita. She’s another of those enthusiatic, dedicated new UK chocolatiers producing a range of products with new twists on flavour and presentation. The website offers prosepctive buyers some remarkable sounding flavours, some of which had me licking my lips!

I’m not sure how much distribution Camaya have got in the UK. I bought this from a branch of Oil & Vinegar. As always, a website is always a good start, especially as Camaya will post you their goods. They also offer a ‘pick and mix’ style build your own box of chocs service – well worth a look!


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  1. Christine

    I love reading all the reviews for sesame chocolate as I think the combination sounds quite tasty.

    I haven’t had any luck finding any and I’m tossing around the idea of just making some at home myself…

  2. Oh god those look amazing. I just might have to order some… thank you very much for the daily chocolate tips!

  3. Kathy

    Wow…. I love cashew nuts and sesame sounds nice… we wants it precious, yes we do…

  4. I was lucky enough to receive a couple of sample slabs from Camaya, and I have now reviewed them in my blog. Go here for my opinions of the Camaya slabs:

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