Cocoapod Christmas Tree Kit

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This rather cute chocolate Christmas tree kit apparently came about by accident. Having designed the product, Cocoapod found it was impossible to post reliably without arriving in pieces, so opted to sell it as a “DIY kit”.

Needless to say, I had to try making it myself. If I can put it together, so can anyone!

The kit comes complete with everything you need, including chocolate buttons for melting to form the ‘glue’ and a small paintbrush to help paint the melted chocolate on. The instructions tell you to melt the chocolate over hot water, but I opted to use my mini chocolate melting pot.

However you melt the chocolate, it doesn’t take long and only a small amount is needed to stick the pieces together. The difficult part is waiting for each piece to harden into place before adding the next. I’m not good at waiting…

Waiting aside, the tree is easy enough to put together, and comes with a nice cellophane bag and ribbons, so you can give the finished product as a gift. But it’s the DIY aspect that makes this tree special. It’s simple enough that a child can make it with a bit of supervision, and they get to give a gift that they’ve made themselves.

At £10 for 250g of chocolate it’s not cheap, but when you factor in the fun of putting it together, I think it’s reasonable value. You can buy it online, or catch Cocoapod at the upcoming Taste of Christmas and Southbank Chocolate Festival events.

And before you ask, I’ve no idea what they chocolate tastes like… I’m giving mine away!


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