Chocolution Mayan Magic Raw Chocolate Making Kit

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This is another raw chocolate kit, in the same vein as the Choc Chick Kit that Simon reviewed a couple of years ago.

The idea is simple, you’re given some cocoa solids and some natural sweetener, you melt them all together and you make your own raw chocolates.

There are some differences to the Choc Chick kit though. The first one is the price. The Choc Chick kit costs £11.99 and weighs 350g of chocolate, whereas the Chocolution kit weighs in at £13.99 for 200g. That’s a bit steep, if you ask me.

There are differences in how the kits are put together too. Where the Choc Chick kit contains separate bags of cocoa powder and cocoa butter, this one contains ‘pre-mixed’ cocoa solids and cocoa butter. That may seem insignificant, but it does take a little bit of the fun out of mixing the two together and experimenting with different ratios of cocoa powder and butter.

But the process of making the ‘chocolate’ is much the same. Heat the cocoa solids and agave nectar sweetener in a bowl until everything has melted, then pour the mixture into a mould. In this case, I used the paper cases included, but you could equally use an ice cube tray. You then whack it in the fridge and leave it to cool.

Of course, that’s not quite how ‘real’ chocolate is made, and if you’re not used to raw chocolate, you might find the results a little disappointing. The texture is rough and the chocolates have a tendency to melt the moment they leave the fridge and touch human skin.

But the flavour is quite acceptable, and you do get a few cocoa beans to throw into the mix, along with some suggestions for other flavours.

Is it worth the price? I don’t know. It could certainly be a fun (and healthy) snack to make with the kids, but the Choc Chick kit is both cheaper and provides more options, so that’s the one I’d go for myself.


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  1. Hannah

    I was given this as a gift last christmas and enjoyed it. Not the best raw chocolate I’ve ever tasted but really quite pleasant. Mine came with cocoa beans instead of nuts so i crushed the beans and added to the chocolate mix. Really helped the texture.

  2. It’s a shame they’ve changed the kit to pre-mix the butter and cocoa… for me that was, as you say, one of the attractions. I think they divide it up into portions now too…

    I had a lot of fun with mine, but you’re right that value doesn’t compare to the Choc Chick version!

  3. rene

    sorry to disapoint you people but this is not raw chocolate if its made from cacao. cacao is made from roasted beans, grinded/conched and then the cacaobutter has been pressed out of it. to get the real chocolate flavor you need to roast and roasting means high temperature. most probably also the cacao is dutch’d so its very far from raw. people who claim hat they make raw chocolate with process temperature lower than 40C are cheating, because you don’t get the real chocolate flavor and chocolate without roasting beans. but you do get nasty diseases from raw cacao beans when you don’t heat-process them. when your chocolate sticks to your finger, it means that it is not properly pre-crystalized or so called ‘tempered’.
    so stay healthy and eat normal high quality chocolate. peace 🙂

    • Dom (Chocablog Staff)

      I agree that ‘raw’ is not really the correct term, as even unroasted beans are fermented at high temperatures.

      I think you should be careful before insinuating that people’s products contain ‘nasty diseases’ though. And maybe try Pacari’s raw chocolate if you want to try an amazing tasting (and properly tempered) raw chocolate bar.

      • rene

        well…sure you understood that what i meant was ‘you can get…’ and many people have had health problems because eating ‘raw’ and raw 🙂

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