Rawr Chocolate Eggs

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Rawr Chocolate Eggs

We’ve reviewed a few raw chocolate products in the past, but this is the first Easter-themed raw chocolate I’ve seen.

Raw chocolate, if you don’t know, is chocolate that hasn’t been heat treated, has had minimal processing and is made without refined ingredients (like sugar). It’s usually dairy free and vegan, and these eggs from Rawr Chocolate are no exception.

Rawr Chocolate Eggs

Inside the standard egg carton are four 70g, foil wrapped eggs. Slightly larger than a hens egg – and much nicer to eat raw too, one hopes.

There are three varieties of egg – “Dark Purity”, “Orange Zest” (x2) and “After Dinner Mint”. Each egg is solid chocolate, but made in two halves so they’re nice and easy to share. If you happen to like sharing.

Rawr Chocolate Eggs

When it comes to raw chocolate, one of the things many people struggle with is the texture. Because the cocoa isn’t overly refined, it can have a grainy or fibrous texture. It’s not tempered like regular chocolate either, so it doesn’t form large crystals that give chocolate that satisfying ‘thunk’ when you snap a piece off.

Raw chocolate makers use different techniques to help overcome these obstacles, so the final texture of the chocolate can vary enourmously. This Rawr chocolate with its solid, firm feel and glossy finish is the closest I’ve seen to a mass produced chocolate though.

Rawr Chocolate Eggs

The texture is still quite grainy and soft, but once you get used to it, it’s really quite nice. The flavours are natural and subtle, and it’s never too sweet (it’s sweetened with raw agave nectar). There was a slightly woody flavour that came through at times, but as with the texture, I quickly got used to it.

But what I like best about raw chocolate is how it makes me feel. A couple of pieces of one of these eggs and I’m alert, awake and ready to get on with my day. But there’s no sugar rush or caffeine hit, just a natural feeling of having something good inside. That may be purely psychological, but I’ve always it’s something I’ve always felt after a good quality raw chocolate. And when it tastes this nice, it’s just an added benefit.

Make no mistake though, if you’re used to your cheap mass produced supermarket Easter Eggs, solid raw chocolate eggs will take some getting used to, and they’ll never be to everyone’s taste. Some people won’t be able to get past the unusual texture and flavours at all. But if you’re a health food freak fan or just looking to try something a bit different, then I recommend giving these a go.

Oh – and apparently if you use the code ‘DOMR’ at checkout on the Rawr web site, you’ll get 10% off your order. That’s not a personal recommendation and we don’t make any money from your orders.


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  1. I was dithering about whether or not to get these for Easter presents – you’ve persuaded me!

  2. delish! I’ll take a dozen please!

  3. Fatima

    this chocolate makes me mouth water
    on top of the chocolate is not fattening who fattening are you =)

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