Aero Bubbles

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Here’s another part of my Christmas present from The Chocstress – a shoe box packed full of chocs! Aero Bubbles are Malteser-sized balls of mint flavour Aero chocolate in a rather striking two-tone “chocolate” shell.

Somewhat disappointingly, this large tube only contains 3 small bags of Aero Bubbles. I say ‘disappointingly’, although I’m not entirely sure I’d want a lot more of these extremely artificial looking luminous balls.

Taste-wise, these are very similar to the Mint Aero I gave a rather negative review to back in March last year. But these are slightly better – they’re softer and less crumbly than Mint Aero, and a little more chocolatey. But not much.

I probably wouldn’t go out and buy these myself, but I suppose the kids might like the colour.

Personally, after eating the whole tube, I’m a little worried I my skin may start glowing in the dark.


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  1. Chocstress (Chocablog Staff)

    Glowing skin reduces the need for electric lighting around the house, thus helping the environment.
    For every thousand people who use their skin to illuminate their surroundings enough electricity will be saved to provide enough power for 72 restaurants to bake chocolate cakes.

  2. Jazz

    some of the most delious candy i have ever tasted!!!

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