Tesco Turkish Delight Milk Chocolate

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Tesco Turkish Delight Milk Chocolate

Recently, I’ve become a bit of a fan of a good quality Turkish Delight chocolate, so I thought I’d give this Tesco own-brand version a go. Obviously I wasn’t expecting a lot, but at just 67p for this sizable 150g bar, I thought I’d risk my hard-earned cash on some.

Tesco Turkish Delight Milk Chocolate

First impressions aren’t bad. An interesting looking bar of milk chocolate with a nice shine and an unusual ripple pattern to it.

But when you bite into one of those chunks, you realise that there isn’t much in the way of Turkish Delight filling here. It’s certainly no Fry’s Turkish Delight in that respect.

Tesco Turkish Delight Milk Chocolate

But as it turns out, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because the “Turkish Delight” in this bar is quite awful. It’s nothing more than glucose syrup and some pectin with some artificial flavouring and beetroot for colour. It’s horribly sweet and more liquid than solid, so it just ends up coating the insides of your mouth with its nastiness. I found I had to have a glass of water after each chunk just to be able to taste anything else again.

Even then, it’s not really possible to get any handle on the quality of the milk chocolate here. At 25% cocoa solids, it’s better than some I could mention, but the sweet, gloopy syrup inside obliterates any flavours that may be present.

This one is best avoided. If you’re urging for a Turkish Delight fix, I recommend seeking out Thorntons offering over this any day.


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  1. Urgh. Sounds horrible. The Frys seems to be treated as something fairly ordinary, but I think they are not actually too bad. And clearly a lot better than what you have just endured!

  2. Christine

    As much as I love chocolate I don’t think it should be paired with Turkish delight. I love the traditional kind dusted with icing sugar – preferably with nuts but this is becoming harder to find these days sadly.

  3. It’s sad when you have low hopes and even then you’re being optimistic….

  4. What I’d really love to see is Turkish Delight covered in DARK chocolate. Anyone know of such a thing available in Australia?

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