Lindt Petits Desserts Dark Orange

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Lindt Petits Desserts Dark Orange

Since I first posted a review of a Petits Desserts bar, both Dom and I have been wowed by the authenticity and the quality of what is obviously a premium product, so discovering another, untried Petits Desserts bar is something of a coup. It’s a pretty safe bet that when you taste one of these bars, you’re in for something special.

This particular slab of loveliness is made up of a 47% dark chocolate exterior which is home to a soft, dark mousse filling containing orange zest. The outer layer is suitably bittersweet, and the filing is quite simply divine. A dark, melting mousse with a tang of orange and tiny pieces of orange zest. Now THIS is chocolate orange!

Lindt Petits Desserts Dark Orange

Of course, as we have previously noted, Petits Desserts don’t come cheap. However, this isn’t a bar you’re likely to consume in five minutes, It’s very rich, quite dark tasting, and really does put me in mind of a rich chocolate mousse. I could see this being served up with a cup of good strong coffee to round off a meal, and being very much appreciated by all.

Like it’s companions in this range, Petits Desserts Dark Orange s a fine example of the art of Lindt’s chocolatiers. It’s top of the range stuff, and it tastes like it. All I can hope is that they continue to produce more Petits Desserts, because we have yet to find one that hasn’t made us want to wax lyrical about it. These are for special occasions, or for when you feel like you deserve something special – and special is precisely what they are.


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  1. Oliver

    Grrr where can you get this?! Here in Bedford we have one real chocolate and sweet shop, but I dont think they have this at all.

    They do have a lot of interesting stuff though, some I dont think ive seen mentioned here either. I wish shops like Woolworths and Tescos would sell more varieties of Lindt 🙁

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