Whittard’s Chocolate Chai

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Whittard's Chocolate Chai

From the Whittard’s chain, makers of disappointingly sugary drinking chocolate, comes an alternative to the Yogi Tea chocolate chai I came across last year. The bag is full of cocoa shells, cinammon, cloves, cardamom pods and peppercorns, to name but a few of the ingredients. I didn’t really get to see the contents of my Yogi Teabag, but this looked great on a plate.

For obvious reasons this tea requires a little more brewing time than your average cuppa. Whittards recommend serving this ‘Indian style’ with hot milk and lots of sugar. Obviously the hot milk puts a bit of temperature bag into the tea.

Whittard's Chocolate Chai

In the bag this tea promised warm, spicy cocoa and cinnamon notes. In the cup the peppercorns and cardamoms really come to life, spicing things up nicely. The natural sweetness of milk and a good dollop of sugar soften off the spices, combining well with the cocoa.

It’s a sweet, hot blend, well suited to the cold winter months, and definitely something worth trying if you fancy something a bit different. It’s also well suited to those who favour a low-caffeine life. Highly recommended.


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  1. Simon dearest, considering your usual international and often ‘out there’ offerings, this is almost ‘nanna-ish’ of you! 🙂

  2. Tor

    This looks good, I imagine it’d be pretty good with almond milk (I’m vegan). I was really unsure about it when I saw it in store, so thanks for the review!

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