Conscious Chocolate – The Citrus Pair

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Time to review another brace of wholesome raw chocolate bars, courtesy of Emma at Conscious Chocolate. This time I chose a couple of fruity little numbers, namely the Best Ever Citrus Zest bar and the Best Ever Essential Orange bar.

Conscious Orange

The first one I tried was the essential Orange bar. Now if you’re a fan of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, I wouldn’t recommend this to you, but I’m not, and I found the orange flavour very agreeable. It lends a subtle citrus zing to the raw chocolate flavours, and without the unnatural intensity I generally associate with ‘flavoured’ chocolate.

Conscious Citrus Zest

Having enjoyed nibbling the Essential Orange bar, it was time to crack open it’s sibling, the Best Ever Citrus Zest bar. It came as something of a surprise to find that this one was shot through with long, fine strands of Orange, Lemon and Lime zest and I have to say that it was delicious. The zest adds much more of a citrus kick to the whole thing, and nibbling on the zesty bits after the chocolate had melted was lovely. This is my favourite Conscious bar to date, and I think the addition of a little fruitiness to Emma’s recipe is a great idea (assuming of course that you enjoy citrus flavours). Definitely a couple of winners here – both recommended, but if you’re on a tight budget then I’d say go for the Citrus Zest.

Conscious Citrus Zest

Footnote: Well, I’m just over halfway through my Conscious collection, and enjoying every mouthful. Next time I’ll be reviewing a couple of the more unusual bars – Goji & Coconut and Love Potion Number 9.


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