Hotel Chocolat ‘The Purist’ Nobbly Nibs

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Hotel Chocolat Nibs

The life of a chocolate reviewer isn’t all freebies arriving by special delivery and ‘I thought you’d enjoy these’ gifts from friends and relations. Sometimes one has to go out and track down interesting new products to sample, and these Nobbly Nibs are the first item I have ever bought from a Hotel Chocolat shop.

This is a speciality product, made from Ecuadorean cocoa nibs which are roasted and then smothered in 72% cocoa chocolate from the same estate and finished with a dusting of cocoa powder. It would appear that this is a co-production with a company called Confiserie Coppeneur, a German company.

Hotel Chocolat Nibs

There are two ways of approaching these nibs – throw a few in your mouth and slowly roll them around your mouth, or just chew them up whole. The first method allows you to experience the full range of tastes. An initial bittersweet tang from the cocoa powder is rapidly followed by a superbly smooth, creamy chocolate flooding your mouth as it begins to melt. Considering that the chocolate is 72%, it is remarkably light and smooth tasting. The final flavour note comes as your tongue finds the cocoa nibs themselves, and when you start to crunch down on them you are rewarded with the raw taste of roasted cocoa.

In essence what we have here are the three stages of cocoa, summarised in a single, delectable nibble. I really liked these moreish little nibs, and would love to sample some of the other types on offer. Well worth checking out, and compared to some of the HC range, quite affordable.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    That’s interesting – they appear to just be these, repackaged:

    Didn’t know HC did that kind of thing.

  2. Simon

    Not only that, but look at the price of the Coppeneur nibs.
    More proof of RipOff Britain?

  3. I’ve had the Coppeneur version of these, so yummy!

  4. I love dark choc. covered cocoa nibs. They are delicious but hard to find and usually expensive. Now covered in cocoa powder adds a triple chocolate threat level to these bad boys and I really want to get my hands on some….now! Where do you get all these funds for expensive chocolate!?

    Peanut Butter Boy

  5. river

    These sound spectacularly delicious. Just the thing to serve with coffee after dinner.

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