Hotel Chocolat Eggs & Soldiers

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It’s probably been 32 years since I last had eggs with soldiers (soft boiled eggs with strips of toast for dipping, for the uninitiated), but this cute little Easter box from Hotel Chocolat still managed to catch my attention.

The chocolate version consists of a layer of five praline milk chocolate ‘half eggs’, with a layer of white chocolate soliders underneath.

The eggs have white chocolate ‘yolks’ on one side and an attractive pattern moulded into the back, while the soliders are really little more than sticks of white chocolate.

The eggs are solid rather than filled, with the 40% milk chocolate being combined with hazelnut paste. The result is something with a very pleasant, nutty flavour that manages to retain the texture of milk chocolate. I rather enjoyed it.

The soldiers are just white chocolate, so as you’d expect they’re very sweet and creamy. Luckily they’re only small, so it’s not too much unless you try to eat them all in one go. Like I did. Try as I might, I was entirely unsuccessful at ‘dipping’ them into the eggs though. No yolky goodness here.

There’s not much to these, but like so many Hotel Chocolat products, it’s the idea that makes it work. It’s something a little bit silly made from quality ingredients and wrapped up in beautiful packaging. Don’t expect them to last long though.


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  1. I still love eggs and soldiers and I still have them, reasonably often, maybe once every couple of months!

  2. “It’s probably been 32 years since I last had eggs with soldiers…”

    You must rectify this immediately. May I suggest breakfast tomorrow?

  3. Clare

    I have a boiled egg and soldiers for breakfast almost every morning, although having tried these, I’d much prefer them in the morning!

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