Lindt Swiss Classic Double Milk

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Lindt Swiss Classic

Once more unto the Lindt dear friends – only this time I’m straying from my usual path and trying out a milk chocolate bar. When I first spotted this one, I was reminded of the Petits Desserts series – a milk chocolate exterior concealing a creamy filling – but without the addition of lemon meringue, creme brulee or other ‘puddingy’ extras.

It will come as no surprise to you to learn that the chocolate is indeed the same as that used in the Petits Desserts range – a smooth, creamy, slightly sweet milk chocolate with a great texture and flavour. The important thing here is the filling.

Lindt Swiss Classic

As you can see, it does exactly what it says on the wrapper. The chocolate conceals a light, almost fluffy cream filling which melts before the chocolate and floods the mouth with a milky, creamy flavour which sets you up nicely for the chocolate. If you ever ate those chewy milk bottle sweets as a child, then the taste of the filling will probably put you in mind of that – concentrated creamy milkiness.

As I have come to expect with Lindt bars, the choice of flavours is a good one – they are well matched and offer a new twist on plain old milk chocolate (pun intended). The milkiness of it means that kids seem to go mad for it as well – so be advised to keep it safe!

Of course, a filled bar takes a lot less time to hoover up than a slab of solid chocolate, so I would advise any potential UK tasters to take advantage of Sainsbury’s “2 for £1” offer while it’s on.


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  1. raine

    lindt rocks!:-) i just had a bar of lindt excellence 55% swiss dark chocolate made with cuban cocoa beans last night and i am still reeling.:-) it was wonderful, very mild with a tropical fruity note. yum-my. am planning to swing by the deli later and snag the ecuador and madagascar bars to complete the experience (which are, if i remember correctly about 65 and 70 % cocoa content respectively). hope you can review these babies sometime soon.

  2. Simon

    I believe I have the Madagascan bar here. Possibly both of them.

  3. raine

    then i guess, it’s time for you to try them.:-)

  4. raine

    hi simon, i tried the lindt ecuadorian bar at 75 % cocoa content and although i found it good am afraid it was too dark too soon for my taste. i’m just working my way up into the ‘dark’ side.:-) i’m nibbling on the madagascar bar right now as i write and i think 65% may just be my ‘level’ for lack of a better word. waiting for your take on it.:-)

  5. eu comprei o meu chocolate e muito gostoso

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