Chococo Christmas Cocoa Pod Cracker

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Chococo has long been one of my favourite chocolate companies. Underneath the brightly coloured packaging and quirky, fun, seasonal gifts, there’s a family business that really cares about quality. They consistently use high quality chocolate and fresh local ingredients, so whatever you buy you can be sure it’s going to taste as good as it looks.

This chocolate cocoa pod is no exception.

The shell of the pod is made from 44% milk chocolate with a dark and white chocolate decoration painted onto the mould, so it really does look good. They chocolate is very pleasant, and at 44% it’s not too sweet. It’s a big step up from the chocolate you often find in these kind of seasonal gifts.

Inside the pod is a bag of 12 chocolates including chocolate shapes in milk, dark & white chocolate, sea salt caramels, and my favourite – ‘Fizzy Puddings’.

These Christmas pudding shaped chocolates contain a praline, subtly flavoured with orange and spices, and a little bit of popping candy to give it a fizz. They’re great fun.

The sea salt caramels are made with cornish smoked sea salt. They’re nice, but I have to admit they were a little too sweet for me. Generally that means that the average Chocablog reader will love them though!

At £21.95, it’s not the cheapest Christmas gift, but it’s made from quality ingredients and weighs a hefty 350g. This of course is just one item from Chococo’s Christmas range, so it’s worth having a look around their website to see what else is on offer.


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