Hotel Chocolat Christmas Peepster Box

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I love Hotel Chocolat slabs. Not only are they delicious chunks of yumminess, but you also get enough to feed a small planet for approximately five years.

Luckily, the mini slabs are equally delicious, but much more manageable. I doubt they would even feed a medium-sized city for a week. That’s how small they are. Comparatively speaking.

As you can see, the box contains four individually wrapped slabs, each with a Christmassy design and different combinations of white, milk and dark chocolate. In no particular order, we have:

Christmas Chimes
“74% dark chocolate with an iconic milk chocolate bell”
These slabs are 100g each, so there’s quite a bit of dark chocolate (which demands to be eaten slowly) to get through here before you reach the milk chocolate bell – and unfortunately, I’ve not quite made it as far as the milk chocolate yet! I am sure it’s very good though… the dark chocolate is!

Heavenly Holly
“White chocolate holly leaves on a bed of milk chocolate”
Not much white chocolate in this one – the sprig of holly makes it look pretty but doesn’t add a lot to what is otherwise a solid milk chocolate slab.

Christmas Bauble
“A glossy milk chocolate bauble set in to a swirling white and milk chocolate fusion”
Exactly as described – not sure how they make the bauble glossy (I’m guessing it’s some kind of magic), but it does appear to be shinier than the rest of the slab. There was a lot of white chocolate in this one, making it very creamy but also very sweet.

Christmas Fusion
“Creamy, cinnamon spiced white chocolate swirdled with mellow 40% cocoa milk chocolate”
This is certainly the most interesting of the bunch, and you can smell the cinnamon the moment you open the wrapper. The cinnamon-spiced part is much softer than the milk chocolate and the whole thing is deliciously creamy and moreish.

Overall, a nice mix of Christmassy themed chocs with something for everyone, but for me it’s the cinnamon slab that stands out. The quality of all the slabs is great, but it’s nothing new. I’d really like to see one of these Peepster boxes where every slab was as interesting as the cinnamon slab.


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  1. Maggie

    And to think they’ve just opened a store yesterday in Holborn, just 5 minutes from where I work. It’s dangerously close! I went there yesterday and spent an indecent amount of money, credit crunch considered, on self-indulgence, plus I picked up some gifts as well. I’m just hoping they’ll last until Christmas, as I feel more and more drawn towards them 😉
    By the way, have you tried their milk and coconut mini slab? It’s just delicious! There are two thin slabs in the package. I wanted to save one for tomorrow, but couldn’t help myself and devoured both at work today. Wonderful!

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Yes, Hotel Chocolat shops are dangerous places!

    I’ve not had the coconut mini slab, but that does sound nice….

  3. OK…I’m sold. Will be looking into where I can get some locally.

  4. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Pam: They have a US based online store:

  5. Maybe they’ll release the cinnamon one as a larger, single block after Christmas? …or how ’bout down here in Australia, dear HotelChocolat?

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