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Last time I reviewed a Marks & Spencer chocolate, it looked like they were trying to copy a well-known brand, only their version came out not-quite-as-good-but-more-expensive.

This time around, the product being copied isn’t as obvious from the packaging, but I’m quite sure the name will have come up at the M&S product meetings where they discussed this bar.

In terms of looks and taste, this bar is quite obviously meant to ride on the back of the success of Green & Black’s – and in particular, their Dark 70% bar.

I happened to have some G&B’s 70% and was able to compare. The formats of the bars are slightly different, but the average person would not be able to tell them apart on taste alone.

Now in theory, third parties making good quality dark chocolate is a good thing. But as with the M&S version of Toblerone, this bar was more expensive than the original. But more seriously, there’s absolutely no information on country of origin or indication that any of the ingredients used are organic or fair trade – and that’s a major reason why many people buy Green & Black’s products.

So while this is a perfectly decent bar of chocolate, once again I find myself recommending you go for “the original” instead.


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  1. Hmmm – I kind of get more of a Lindt vibe from just looking at it (not tried it yet). How does it compare to the Lindt 70% Excellence bar? (one of my favourite dark’s).

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Yes, from the shape does look more like one of the Lindt offerings, but the flavour isn’t as “complex” as a Lindt Excellence (although I don’t have any on hand to compare it directly).

  3. I agree, it does seem to look more like a Lindt bar. I’m a huge fan of Lindt, sort of a fall back chocolate when I don’t have anything else – not because it’s lesser, just because it’s easier to get. Odd how a company would charge more for their copy than the original, especially with no origin listed. I’m surprised people buy it…but hey, you did!

    The Peanut Butter Boy

  4. Charlotte

    This is my all time favourite dark chocolate and I just had to defend it! I’d say that resembles Lindt far more closely than G & B’s, which has a more bitter flavour. My husband (not a choco!) can tell them apart with no problem. I buy it now in preference to Lindt, as the M&S version does not contain milk, which suits my dairy free diet, and I actually prefer it. It DOES state on the packaging ‘Made in Switzerland’. I advise you to try it!

  5. Groundpounder

    This is my favourite dark chocolate anywhere in the world, and I always stock up when I’m passing through the UK. It demolishes the horribly sour over hyped Lindt. The only other bar chocolate that comes close is Alprose 74%, but M&S has a slight edge.

    It really is a wonderful chocolate – I would love to know how manufactures it.

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