Lucky’s Chocolate Enrobed Cakes

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This is more of a preview than a review, because these attractive chocolate enrobed cakes and brownies won’t actually be available until next month.

Lucky’s sent us three cakes (“Sour Kick”, “Fancy Fudge”, “Nutty Delay”) and three brownies (“Mocha Madness”, “Chunky Nutter”, “Fruity Rhapsody”) to try. All the cakes and brownies are completely encased in thick dark, milk or white Valrhona chocolate.

As you can see, the cakes are beautifully presented. I’m not entirely sure how Lucky’s have managed to completely enrobe their cakes in such a uniform way, but when you put them altogether they look almost like giant, chocolatey Lego bricks.

The cakes & brownies themselves vary in quality. They’re all variations on a theme, with the cakes being a light spiced honey cake. My favourite here was the Fancy Fudge, which was beautifully moist and dripping with an almost liquid caramel. The honey cake works perfectly with the dark chocolate, but not so well with the milk chocolate and slightly dry, lumpy apricot jam in the Sour Kick.

The brownies are soft, moist and dense. My favourite here was the Chunky Nutter, a rich, dark brownie with chunks of white chocolate and pecans, all covered in milk chocolate. The brownie almost resembles cookie dough in both texture and flavour.

My least favourite was the Mocha Madness, a coffee flavoured brownie covered white chocolate. But then I’m not overly fond of either coffee or white chocolate anyway.

Overall, I’m really excited to try more of these in the future. Although they don’t look particularly large, the thickness of the chocolate and the richness of the cakes makes them a substantial mouthful.

In general, the darker and simpler varieties appealed to me most. It’s very easy to pack cakes with unusual and exciting sounding ingredients, but I hope Lucky’s concentrate on quality rather than variety.

They do apparently make non-chocolate cakes as well, but I love the concept of completely encasing cakes in thick chocolate. It’s something which should allow them to achieve a longer shelf life when using fresh ingredients. That makes financial sense as well as cakey sense.

Look out for more of these in the near future!


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  1. I’m just droooling looking at that picture!

  2. Kladyelf

    caaaaaaake….. in England … d’oh!

  3. Laura

    I cannot wait to order some of these – they look devine!

  4. Matthew

    These look amazing!!!!

    Do you mind posting a pic next to a coin or something for a size comparison? if you have the box or something left lol hard to see how big these actually are.


  5. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I’d happily post photos with a size comparison, but I’m afraid I’ve eaten them all. 🙂

    They’re a couple of inches across though. Slightly bigger than is healthy for one person, slightly too small to share.

    In other words, the perfect size. 🙂

  6. Allison

    OMG they look simply amazing!!

    Just found out in their website the brand is inspired in Alice in wonderland!!
    What a perfect idea!

    Can’t wait to try the entire collection! xxx

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