Hotel Chocolat Yummy Bones

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Hotel Chocolat Funny Bones

It may be Chocolate Week, but let’s not forget that other important festival of chocolate – Halloween – is also approaching fast. With that in mind, Hotel Chocolat sent me this rather gruesome skull. (At least I think it’s just a Halloween gift and not some veiled threat – but if I do happen to wake up one morning to find a chocolate horse’s head in my bed, I may start to worry.)

As you’d expect, the chocolate for this 450g monstrosity charming centrepiece is Hotel Chocolat’s delicious 40% house milk chocolate. The eyes and ‘blood patch’ are made with natural colourings and blueberry crystals, so as decaying corpses go, this one is probably quite healthy.

Hotel Chocolat Funny Bones

It only took a small bite out of our man’s jawbone to remind me what I love so much about this chocolate. It’s smooth and creamy with rich chocolate flavours, but never too sweet. It’s the kind of chocolate you can either let melt slowly in your mouth… or just scoff it down all day. Luckily the packaging doesn’t list the calorie content… but I’m sure it must be Ok. I mean, why else would they send me nearly half a kilo of chocolate, unless they meant me to eat it all myself?

If you’re more of the sharing type than me, then this would make a great addition to a Halloween party. It’s probably not the kind of thing you should stuff into the hands of passing trick-or-treaters, but it’s perfect for sharing out amongst a small group of friends.

There’s very little else that can be said about this. It’s large, chocolatey, yummy and boney. Just like it says on the box.


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