Sainsbury’s Christmas Pudding Chocolates

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Here’s a very seasonal little stocking filler – Christmas Pud flavoured choccies from Sainsbury’s.

These were lurking under the tree on Christmas Day, and it wasn’t too long before I was beginning to wonder what they’d taste like.

The packaging was a bit of a surprise too – the top of the box lifts up and opens as it rises, a little like the Musical Box in Camberwick Green (ancient BBC Children’s programme).

Sainsbury’s Christmas Pudding Chocolates

The chocolates themselves were nestled inside, each clad in a very seasonal gold foil wrapper. Once unwrapped, they looked very appealing and quite pudding-like. I’m guessing that the white chocolate topping was there to represent brandy butter or cream.

Sainsbury’s Christmas Pudding Chocolates

Once bitten, they proved to have a lovely thick shell – no scrimping there – and a very soft, delicately spiced truffle filling which had fruity, mixed spice overtones and a sweet, creamy finish. It was after the chocolate was finished that the pudding flavours really came into their own, in a mildly pleasant way.

As ‘novelty’ chocolates go, I rather liked these. They weren’t particularly spectacular, but they were certainly the only Christmas pud chocs I’ve seen, and as such I’m glad I had a chance to taste them. There was nothing unpleasant or overpowering about them, and I did appreciate the fact that they had such chunky shells.

I suppose it’s unlikely that you’ll see these for long now, but if you do (and they’ll probably be on sale) I’d recommend them for the novelty value.


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  1. Nell

    Just to say how much I enjoy reading this blog. Happy New Year and may lots of superb chocolates with lushiously innovative fillings come your way 🙂

  2. Simon

    Thanks for that lovely comment, and a very Happy 2008 to you too!

    Here’s hoping we can continue to entertain and inform all of our readers. (And looking in my special Chocolate Cupboard, I suspect we’ll be off to a good start!)

  3. Chocolate pudding? I have never heard or read about such kind of chocolate before. Maybe someday I can write about it in my chocolate blog. I will keep it in mind. Thanks for the information.

    Happy New Year from Austria!

  4. Rachel

    Thorntons do xmas pudding truffles. They’re tasty but too much alcohol flavour for me.

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