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Here, clutched in my overworked hands is one finger of Twix. One individual chocolate covered caramel and biscuit finger. A single bar of pleasure… A solitary slab of delight. Restricted in its own individual wrapper it is separated from the rest of the chocaworld. It is secluded and lonely.

Good job I have 13 more individually wrapped fingers of Twix lined up beside me then!
No more lonesome nights for this bar; No longer left on the shelf. Go forth dear bachelor of the confectionary aisle and mingle with your kindred chocaspirits. Life is too short to be companionless….and life is too short for a chocolate bar within my reach. twix-opened.jpg

So why did I buy individual fingers of Twix instead of the usual twin bar? Because the packet said 10 chocolate biscuit bars plus 4 extra free! Free in the same sentence as chocolate! The sweetest words do delight.

I like Twix. You know where you are with Twix. If Twix were a man I’d probably settle down with him (unless the twin bar thing meant he had a split personality, then I’d have to dump him) (…but, if it meant he had a twin brother who I quite legitimately kept confusing him for then….) Where was I? Twix; nice chocolate, smooth caramel and just the right amount of biscuit, you can’t go wrong.

Now you have to bear in mind that I’m talking about the Twix in my life. Sure, there is now a dark chocolate version, but I shall remain faithful to my milk chocolate Twix thank you very much. No doubt there will be a peanut-butter version in the States and if any of our friends across the Pond would like to report on this I would be ever so grateful.


Twix hides quietly in the corner of the chocolate-display in the sweet shop. It doesn’t shout out at you like some of it’s sparkly foiled chocafriends. It waits until you remember it exists and then you wonder why you left it so long.

Twix is chocolatey, caramely, biscuity and it fills you up  until your next bar of chocolate…erm I mean until your next substantial meal. Job done.


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  1. Miriam

    Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your blog, particularly how you talk to the candy in your reviews. I find it quite amusing. It’s nice to see what candies are available across the pond.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Dinah

    We’ve had a peanut butter version in the States for a few years. I prefer it, actually. The peanut butter is similar to that in a Reeses cup, sweet, salt and somewhat grainy. Definitely try to get your hands on some if you can! 🙂

  3. Shabnam

    I would like to ask a question about your Twix product. Please can you tell me if Twix has got Animal Rennet in it, as i have heard this on BBC News. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you

  4. Hi, I’m Irwan from Malaysia.
    I really love Twix, it’s so delicious 😀

    • Nahum

      Hi Erwan, how are you doing. I just want to back you up on what you’ve commented about Twix. I love it very much when I first tasted here in Canada.
      Enjoy it!

  5. Agnieszka

    Mmm, Twix… My favourite chocolate bar ;3

  6. John

    How about lobbying for the TWIX “meant to be” commercial that features the song “Happy Together” to be shown in the states.

    I am the actor in the commercial and could really use the residual money from a US national commercial.

  7. Bazza

    Take one finger of Twix.
    Snap in half.
    Nibble the non-snapped end so that you remove the chocolate.
    Now use the finger as a straw to suck your hot tea!!
    And then wolf down the warm, sticky, chocolaty, caramely mess of Twix, and delight as every single part of the inside of your mouth is coated with it’s Twixy goodness.

    I must go get a Twix now. And a cup of tea.

  8. Rabs

    Please can you let me know if Twix is suitable for vegetarians.

  9. Bernadette

    I absolutely love Twix, for many years it was my favourite chocolate bar. Something about the biscuit flavour and the way it blends with the smooth sweet caramel… the mix is just perfect, yum!!

  10. Harvey

    Happy New Year!!! Twix is very good. Here in the United States, you can get Twix PB in 2pc, or 4pc. I don’t know if y’all in Britain can get a 4-pc normal Twix… but atleast we and you have Twix ice cream!

  11. Shelley

    I used to love Twix until I found out it is made of palm oil. Palm oil is made from oil palms which are planted plantation style in Indonesia. Where shelter and life for orangutans and the Sumatran tiger once existed, there are now kilometres of palm oil plantations. I am boycotting KitKat, Mars, Snickers, Twix and Turtles because they contain palm oil.

  12. Saffie x

    Ah, the Twix. I still love Twix’s, but their popularity seems to be lessening, with the return of Wispa and Aero Caramel.They are simple yet lovely, the caramel is simply the best part.

  13. Alisha F

    i love twix so much it is so freaking good

  14. bunmi

    Twix is my best chocolate 🙂

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