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Those of you who have been following Chocablog for a while may remember that the original KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter got one of the worst reviews we’ve ever given on Chocablog.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, that original wasn’t around for very long, and now Nestlé have come up with a new range of ‘chunky’ KitKats – Orange, Double Choc, White, and Peanut Butter is back in a new form.

So let’s start with the peanut butter version. It’s a similar format with a thick layer of peanut butter on top of the wafer and generally seems to be an improvement on the original. It’s very, very sweet, but it does at least taste of peanut butter.

The orange version has a slightly different format, with more wafer and an orange flavour cream between the wafer layers. It’s not quite as sweet, and although the orange flavour doesn’t taste much like real oranges, I preferred it to the peanut butter version.

The double choc Kitkat is similar to the peanut butter version with the layer of peanut butter replaced with what the wrapper calls a “chocolate flavour topping”. I always try to avoid anything that calls itself “chocolate flavour” as generally means “not chocolate at all”. To me at tastes mainly of sugar and milk powder.

Finally, we have the white chocolate KitKat. This really is mainly sugar and milk powder, and it’s way too sweet for me. I managed a couple of bites, but this one definitely isn’t for me. Hardcore sugar addicts may like it, but there’s no actual chocolate flavour.

I think part of my issue with KitKat Chunky is the size. I can handle the sweetness in normal KitKat format where I can just break off a small finger, but with a single chunky finger, the sugar overwhelms everything else. It’s also worth noting that the milk chocolate contains added vegetable fat, so it isn’t something I’d recommend even if I actually liked it.


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  1. Peachy

    I agree the basic problem with them is their size and you cant just break off a small amount like the four fingered /two fingered varieties ,if cadburys brought out smaller versions I’d definately buy as the big ones are far too sweet to eat at once or just take a bite of

  2. i didn’t really like them either! check it out:

    bring out a Twix Chunky!

  3. Sam

    Waaaaa are these out in the UK? I would have gotten my relatives to pick some up for me. Still, they still sound a lot better than the abysmal ‘3 textures’ novelty that that Australia is being subjected to (

  4. omg, kitkat peanut butter?! I want!!!

  5. Chazza

    Can i just say that i adore Kit Kat Chunkys and ive just that minute had the new version ‘Hazelnut cream’ it was amamzingm but my all time favourite is Peanut butter by far i havent been able to find one in so long i hope they still do them!

  6. Bad news, Dom…… Peanut Butter won. Oh well, I tried a KitKat Chunky Caramel today. They are tempting and very nice, but NOT as good a Crunchies…… They should make a KitKat Chunky with Cadbury Crunchie Honeycomb!

  7. vinilkanna

    am studying ukg daily i like 2 have kit kat for interval.

  8. Mark

    There is a question to the Nestlé and Kit-Kat Brand manager.

    Why the Kit-Kat (standard bar) made in the UK had a better taste than the one made in Germany, and the Bulgarian made one is also different?

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