Paul A. Young Easter Egg Hunt Kit

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Something a little different from Paul A. Young this time. No exotic flavour combinations here, just a simple box of eggs for an Easter egg hunt.

Each £35 box contains nine eggs; three large, hand decorated eggs, three sugar coated ganache mini eggs and three wrapped praline mini eggs. Everything is very simply packaged with just some shredded purple paper to protect the eggs. It doesn’t seem like it should be enough protection, but it did a perfectly good job of keeping my eggs safe on the combination of trains and buses I took to get these home.

First off, forget the large eggs, these little sugar coated beauties are amazing. Not only do they look exactly like real quail’s eggs, but they have the perfect texture and flavour. The best thing about them is the extra thick sugar shell, which means you have to either put some effort into biting them, or just stuff the whole thing into your mouth in one go and let the shell melt, revealing the soft milk chocolate ganache underneath. I could very easily become addicted to these.

The praline mini eggs are lovely, but just don’t quite do it for me in the same way.

The three larger eggs are milk, dark and white chocolate. The white chocolate egg (painted pink) is, as you might expect, too sweet for my tastes, but something the kids will probably love. The milk chocolate egg has a caramel flavouring to it, and it’s surprisingly good. It has a nice thick shell, and the kind of chocolate I could eat all day – and then feel guilty about afterward.

The dark chocolate egg is thinner and unflavoured, but packed with natural fruity notes. It’s not often you find a dark chocolate Easter egg made with real chocolate with natural flavour notes.

This is a visually impressive and delicious Easter egg hunt kit, but I’m not sure I would actually use the eggs for a real Easter egg hunt! I wouldn’t want to risk my Paul A. Young eggs by leaving them lying around, but if you have a small family or just want some great chocolate to share with your partner this Easter, then this could be the perfect solution. It’s much nicer than any mass produced egg.

The Easter Egg Hunt Kit is available form Paul A. Young’s London shops. Alternatively, if you live in the London area, will deliver it for you.


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