Montezuma’s Chilli & Lime Milk Chocolate

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Montezuma's Chilli & Lime Milk Chocolate

In keeping with my current philosophy of buying any and all chocolate in brightly coloured packaging, I picked this bar up in Waitrose, attracted by the bright green logo on the front.

Long time Chocablog readers may remember we’ve looked at a few Montezuma products in the past and been a little underwhelemed, so I did not have particularly high expectations this time – although I was intrigued by the concept a chilli and lime milk chocolate.

As it turns out, it’s actually pretty good.

Montezuma's Chilli & Lime Milk Chocolate

As you can see, the bar itself isn’t much to look at. No fancy designs on the chunks, just an ordinary looking block of milk chocolate. The finish is matte rather than glossy, but it looks well made. It comes sealed in plastic, and the bar releases the rather pleasant aroma of limes when you rip it open. Not too much – just enough to tempt you in.

This is a 34% cocoa solids chocolate with 22.5% milk solids, and the taste and texture are really quite pleasant – not too sweet and not too creamy.

But the best part of it is how the milk chocolate, lime and chilli flavours go together. I was worried that the lime and milk chocolate would jar, but they go together perfectly. Neither flavour obliterates the other, and as the chocolate melts away, the heat from the chilli slowly builds.

By the time the chocolate has gone, you’re left with a very nice chilli kick. It’s much warmer than some of the chilli chocolate bars I’ve tasted recently, but it stops short of inflicting physical pain. The warmth lingers for a while until all your left with is a hint of lime flavour that draws you in for another chunk.

All in all, this is worth trying, particularly for chilli fans. It’s a bit of a shame they still feel the need to write a short essay explaining how awesome they are on the back of the box, but I guess you can’t have everything.


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  1. have good information on a good site would be useful to people thank you.

  2. Jenny

    Hello! Just thought I would say, the other 2 montezuma’s products you’ve chosen are my two least favourite bars!!! :p I used to work there a few years ago, and I can honestly say that you’re missing out hehe. Try the dark side – milk chocolate without the guilt because of the increased cocoa content – it’s especially yummy with the butterscotch pieces.
    I also recommend the Hungarian dance truffle, soooo lovely, although they ruined secret squirrel by taking out the Creme de Leche, and Hula, the coconut and milk small bar, was much better with the flakes than the new desiccated coconut! I’ve never been able to eat other chocolate after working there, as I can taste the fat too much, and I know that it’s coming from more ethical sources.
    Definitely agree with the essays on the box though! They don’t need it on every one, and the “well, almost” bit about the sea always annoyed me, the factory is like 3 miles from the sea! :p

  3. MetalSpork

    The best chocolate I’ve had. Tangy tongue and a sweaty forehead 🙂

    I’m also a fan of Lindt sea salt, and Dolfin pink peppercorn.

  4. MetalSpork

    Oh and Sainsbury’s Swiss Milk Chocolate & Pistachio.

    My friend loves pistachio but doesn’t like this bar because it tastes like marzipan. I love both, especially marzipan so…. yeah!

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