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Please welcome guest Chocablogger Sian Meades from the incredibly awesome DomesticSluttery.com with something a little…. weird…

Feeding Your Imagination Yang Bar

I get giddy with excitement when I discover new chocolate. It’s like a fabulous little secret. It could be the best chocolate you’ve ever tried in your life. Unfortunately, when I got some samples of Feeding Your Imagination at a press event, I wasn’t excited any more. I was just very disappointed.

I’m a firm believer that when it comes to sweet treats, taste should always come first. But this chocolate is a bit like a herbal medicine lesson. And that might be a good thing, but that’s not why I buy chocolate. I don’t want to be walking around my local supermarket and buy something because it has a “healthy balance of Yin and Yang”. I just want something sweet and yummy. I honestly don’t care if you’ve thought about “natures elements of thought, passion, enthusiasm and emotion.”

Because Feeding Your Imagination chocolate doesn’t taste very nice.

There are so many flavours going on at the same time, that I can’t keep up. I’m all for unusual flavours in chocolate. Green tea works exceptionally well, and chilli chocolate is a genius invention. But they don’t need another flavour alongside them. They work on their own. So the ‘Seductive’ bar (why do the bars all have such stupid gimmicky names?) with its ginger, green tea and goji berries just doesn’t work. Because you can’t taste anything but a great big mash up of flavours. Their Yang bar has treats such as Ashwagandha, Gokshura & Kapikachu in. I wish I knew what they were so I could decide if the flavours went together. But as they tasted the same as the other flavours I tried, I doubt it. A little bit spicy, a little bit sour and nothing distinctive going on. It’s a shame, because the chocolate itself appears to be good quality and had a lovely shine to it. It would taste pretty good if they hadn’t messed it up so royally.

It’s not the worst chocolate I’ve ever had. But it’s just really rather pointless. Gimmicks are great if you’ve got a good product. But considering Feeding Your Imagination’s RRP is an astonishing £3.99 for a 100g bar, I certainly won’t be buying.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Oh dear… this looks like yet another case of putting gimmicky branding/marketing/packaging before the product. The web site reminds me of the Beyond Chocolate site too – although at least they didn’t make any claims to improve my karma!

  2. Heffa

    People have bought me these as presents before and I’ve always been really disappointed. Far too many flavours and too gimmicky (very expensive for what it is as well). The review is spot on.

  3. brilliant Siany… I couldn’t agree more on what I want from a chocolate bar. So I won’t be trying this one, but I will just now go polish off a delicious bar I bought at montezumas in spitalfields.

  4. catherine mount

    Hi girls and gals, come on now lets be a little more suportive!!…I know this chocolate brand, ok not that well, but I have a fair few favourites, my belief is the yang and the yin are specifically medicinal as my friend suffers dearly with pms and finds popping a couple of pieces of this chocolate helps to ease her spasms and cramps so Feeding Your Imagination gets a big thumbs up from me.
    For such a young company I personally think you need to watch this space as I can see this company taking the Green & Blacks market.
    And I’m sure I’ve read on his blog feed he’s bringing out just plain & milk chocolate so for those of you who dont like your food played with, this should tick that box.

    My favourites are Sensual, gorgeous & fruity……!

  5. gill crutchley

    Ive bought this chocolate many times,it’s the best chocolate ive tasted so i dont know what every one is being so negative about it for, Obviously they dont know their chocolate !! I mean have you tasted the fruity one yet………well i think you should its amazing,also the packaging is very striking ideal for presents,i say watch this space as this is definately not a gimmicky brand. and definately one to watch !

  6. Debbie E

    I couldn’t agree more with Catherine’s comments and am really surprised by the harsh comments of others. I have bought this chocolate on many occassions not only for myself but also as presents. The flavours are fantastic, my particular favourite being ‘Dreamy’. Not only are the flavours delicious but the packaging is also very attractive making it ideal to give as presents.
    For a fairly new company I think that what they have acheived already is fantastic with regards to the flavours available and not at all gimmicky. Well done to them for putting something different (and delicious) on the market.

  7. Sophie

    I enjoy chocolate. When selecting a bar, as a general rule I go by the maxim ‘The darker the better’. However every now and then I like to try something different. On one such occassion I chose FYI Dreamy and thought it was scrummy. Not only did I enjoy as a piece of milk chocolate but it uses the under rated flavour of Geranium which is something I used to only get at my grandpartents.
    I understand that people buy chocolate as a sweet treat but I don’t think they should be so negative on this product. We know chocolate is good for you and all the people at FYI are doing is enhancing this by adding other beneficial ingredients both for their healing properties and flavour. I think reaching out into this market area should be applauded.

  8. Jim

    I introduce to you all … the one … the only …makreting team from FYI Bars … Sophie, Debbie, Gill and Catherine *applause*

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    I do agree that it’s great to see exciting new flavours on the market. But I’ve tried an awful lot of this chocolate and all of the flavours taste the same. There’s so much going on in each one that you can’t make out any of the flavours. It’s great that a company are highlighting the health benefits of chocolate, but for me taste should come first.

  10. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Jim… I was leaving this here just to see if any more turned up… but yes, you’d think they’d try to make it *slightly* less obvious, wouldn’t you.

    All the above comments came from the same IP address, of course. I’m just wondering if anyone from FYI would like to make an official statement on this before I write a nice little post about it.

  11. gill crutchley

    I would like to make it absolutley clear that i have no association with fyi. I gill,debbie,sophie,work in the same office and it was me who introduced them to this chocolate. I have no idea who catherine is or again any association with her.
    I strongly refute any allegations that we are part of FYI marketing team. Our opinions should therefore be respected as independent personal views.

  12. Laura

    “All the above comments came from the same IP address, of course. I’m just wondering if anyone from FYI would like to make an official statement on this before I write a nice little post about it.”

    Wow… this is actually worse than the whole fiasco that Chocablog had with ‘Devine’ not so long ago.

  13. In spite of the above refuting, it seems to me like Duck Syndrome.

    (If it quacks like a duck… etc).

    Gill needs to send a private email explaining who she is and where she and her colleagues work – allowing the facts to be checked, or it will indeed look like a deliberate set up.

  14. I’m not sure that’s necessary… fact is I still stand by my review. I didn’t like the chocolate, I don’t think it’s worth the price and I won’t recommend it to anyone.

  15. Regine

    Hi, I’m probably a bit late adding to the comments but I came upon this site when looking for stockists of the FYI chocolate bars (the farm shop where I used to buy it from has closed due to the owner retiring). Agreed, the flavours are an acquired taste but I love the chocolate, especially the ‘Dreamy’ bar. A little goes a long way – I am not tempted to eat the whole bar in one sitting, which is the case with other delicious chocolate (I also love Green & Black’s milk choc) so I can make this a treat that lasts – much better for my figure! The packaging is lovely too. I think it’s like Marmite – there are those who love it and those that hate it but the ‘haters’ shouldn’t disallow the others their view.

  16. Catherine Mount

    they’ve done it, I’ve just had my bar sample delivered to me, and an email alert that feeding your imagination have brought out 3 fair-trade & organic chocolate bars to replace the green and black bars, On Pauls blog he mentions he’s gone back to tradition creating a milk, a dark & combination bar which all retail for £1.99 a bar. The milk is 36% cocoa solids, dark is 73% & there new milk & dark duo bar called Secret is 55%.
    well done feeding your imagination

  17. Alison

    I was given it as a present and I loved it, the “Dreamy” bar with the mix of lemon and geranium rose was delicious, I would certainly get it again, but perhaps not at £3.99 for 100g

  18. Wendy

    Watch the sell buy dates! Bought 4 bars all of which had a mar13 sticker under under a carefully placed oct 13 sticker. When I complained and spoke to Paul a supposed celebrity chef he gave me some rubbish about a mix up and sent replacements but the replacement bars were out of date as well!! I feel conned and surely it’s illegal to sell out of date food!

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