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Our regular readers (hello and thank you) will probably have read Dom’s article about the Lindt event he went to. It turned out to be part of the official UK Launch of this new bar from their ‘Excellence’ range, which has been flavoured with wasabi. If you don’t know what wasabi is yet, it’s a Japanese horseradish which is normally served with sushi and is quite capable of blowing your head off.

Looking back through our archives, it’s almost a year to the day since my review of Elisabeth’s wasabi truffle was posted, and that was my second taste. Since then quite a few wasabi/chocolate combinations have come our way, so it really isn’t too much of a surprise to discover that Lindt have launched their own version.

One thing that has often been said about Lindt is that you do get what’s written on the package. Their bars may not be high-end, artisan made, or exclusive but they are a cut above your average high street/supermarket fodder and we feel that they do offer the slightly more adventurous consumer an opportunity to dip a toe into slightly more upmarket (and occasionally more unusual) chocolate.

That said, I don’t think any of us here would agree that 47% cacao content is ‘dark’ chocolate, but that’s the percentage that Lindt’s dark bars have. As is often the case, a good deal of the other 53% of this bar is sugar – almost half in fact – and this is readily apparent when you waft a piece of the bar under your nose. It’s a familiar smell to me – light cacao notes and a lot of sweetness.

When you pop a piece of the bar into your mouth the wasabi is apparent from the off. The chocolate begins to melt and that slightly earthy, mustardy flavour creeps in to mingle with the dark cacao notes. I found that the sweetness of this bar tended to detract from the wasabi somewhat – it never really gets to shine, and perhaps some of this has to do with the fact that wasabi ‘flavouring’ was used.

My previous wasabi/chocolate experiences were somewhat spicier (and darker) than this bar, and much more to my own personal preferences (i.e. much more cacao, much less sugar and real wasabi) but saying that, I appreciate that Lindt’s bars are not aimed at the connoisseur. These are the bars that the UK supermarket’s top end ‘Best of’ and ‘Finest’ ranges seek to emulate (and occasionally surpass in terms of content) and as such I can see this being something regular Lindt lovers would have a go at – probably for the novelty value at first, but perhaps as a regular treat once tried.

Speaking from my own personal experience I prefer more cacao, much less sugar and a little more wasabi, but that’s just me. If you fancy something a bit out the ordinary & don’t happen to live near a chocolatier, then this might just tick that box for you.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I completely agree. I quite enjoyed it and I’m very happy that Lindt are experimenting with unusual flavours, but it needs more heat and less sugar.

  2. Karl

    This flavour of chocolate is without doubt the most disgusting I have ever had and what’s worse is it cost me £1.83 on offer from Tesco when I should have been paid to try this vile chocolate,needless to say the next time I buy chocolate I will stick with Divine or Green&Blacks.

  3. Aine

    I have to agree with Karl, wasabi and chocolate is just wrong. I tried it for the first time this week and I think I may have to throw the rest of the bar in the bin. It’s just horrible. I’ll stick to Lindt sea salt and Lindt chilli flavours ohh and wasabi with sushi only.

  4. Gareth

    This is an amazing chocolate. I have not tried any other make of wasabi dark chocolate, but we don’t get that much choice here in the outer Hebrides. What made this for me was a combination of this chocolate and Bunabhian malt whisky. I know- I know; it sound really weird but this malt is salty and that flavour combination and the effect of the whicky breaking into the chocolate is just stunning. Don’t knock it until you try it!

    • Karl

      I have tried it and found it utterly disgusting and so did all of my friends who had a piece,but someone has to like it and you are the first I have heard of so far.

  5. Nick

    I just tried this, and I can honestly say that it is absolutely vile, truly one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten. I enjoy wasabi and I enjoy chocolate, but the combination of the two here is indescribably horrible. It isn’t even the sweetness of the chocolate that is the problem (although it might not help) – rather the concept is just plainly dire.

    • Steve Jones

      I agree – I love them both, but this (particular) combo just doesn’t work. I think that the sweetness and low cocoa content is the issue, however.

  6. I just saw this for the first time in BC Canada and just had to buy it. I think I may be the odd one out because I loved it although you’re correct on too much sugar. Tone that down with a slightly bigger hit of wasabi.

  7. Trish

    I also live in B.C., and just picked this up over the weekend. It was exactly what I expected: chocolate and wasabi. And I liked it! I bought it primarily for my teen-aged son, and he loved it.

  8. Stefan

    I tried this with my wife and the reaction was not good.
    We live the 85% and up range of the excellence range and a few of the flavored ones.
    Since I did not want it to go to waste and my wife refused to eat any more, I consumed it slowly over a few days…. and it grew on me.
    Not my favorite, but I don’t think it is vile anymore. The wasabi flavor is quite fake though. Tastes like some wasabi flavored gum I had once.

  9. Couldn’t make out what the flavour reminded me of at first, but then my wife suggested horseradish. Silly me – should have Googled ‘Wasabe’ first. And should have suspected that it was not the real McCoy when I bought it from Tesco for less than £1. It’s going straight in the bin – quite the worse type of ‘chocolate’ I’ve tasted.

  10. PatStone

    I am a little bit wiser for having purchased this wasabi chocolate bar. I now know that I will never buy it again and almost thought about giving up chocolate altogether it was that bad. Wasabi in sushi may be a different thing but keep it out of chocolate for me! I also tossed mine in the bin as I couldn’t bear to expose anyone else to the experience I had.

  11. Eric

    Jeez…a lot of hate for this bar! I found that I really enjoyed the combination of the chocolate and wasabi. I like the sweetness of the bar that gives way to the lingering aftertaste and sinus-feel of a handful of wasabi peas. No, it’s not that complex, but it’s a nice treat for people who enjoy wasabi flavored snacks.

  12. Robert

    I am utterly amazed that Lindt have launched this product. It tastes really horrible and I can’t imagine anyone liking it. It’s provided a bit of fun though when asking other family members to try it and then see their reaction.

  13. MC McMc

    Absolutely revolting.

  14. Marion Baker

    Just tried this for the first time – bought it on impulse when I saw it in Tesco. Loved it and will be buying more!

  15. Marie Bradley

    At first I loved the wrapping, very tempting, i did not know what wasabi was but presumed some kind of fruit. I was so horrified and angry when I tasted it, i though this is a joke for sure!. I was going to go back demand my money back but i consoled myself with the fact i should have googled wasabi first.. and with times tough etc, i nibbled away on it over a few days rather than chuck it out and have to say .. you clever feckers it works in a weird way. And I am tempted to buy it again.. What do ya know!!

  16. Jerry Chance

    Our Tesco was selling this Lindt Wasabi chocolate for 45pence a bar!!! I should have smelt a rat at that ridiculously low price but, a sucker for a bargain, I bought two bars. What a grave mistake!! Lindt, which normally produces really delicious chocolate, made a massive mistake with this concoction. It was absolutely vile; quite sick making and gut renching!!!

    We have a humane rat trap which we use occasionally, because we live in a very rural location in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. We often place a small amount of chocolate in the trap which gets the rats slavering at the mouth and they can’t get into the cage fast enough. I tried the Wasabi as a way of disposing of it without undue waste. The trap has been open for a week now and the rats won’t come anywhere near it!!!! Shall have to go back to Cadburys Milk Chocolate which is simply delicious, is now ‘Fair Trade’ and the rats love it!!

    Please Mr Lindt, stick to traditional recipes!


  17. Mutilatedlips

    I broke it up into several peices for men and women at the office and nobody liked it. 3 spit it out and 2 thought it was OK, but would never feel the need to try/buy it again. The rest of them thought it was just awful and didn’t bother finishing their pieces. About 10 total taste testers. Several of us like the Chili pepper bar and thought this would be as good. I personally love Wasabi, ate my piece and thought it was fairly gross.

  18. D-r Didi Baev

    I also prefer more cacao, much less sugar and a (little) more wasabi. I am dissapointed by this Lindt product.

  19. Carolina

    I’m Sorry but its just disgustingggggg! Really.. how can people eat this? Its taste like shit seriously.. like rabbit poop. Dont try it.. unhealthy.

  20. MrBiscuit

    Just tried this for the first time. First reaction was disgust, but it’s growing on me since I’m too cheap to throw it away.

    Generally agree that it’s too sweet. Also using wasabi flavouring instead of extract, is missing the entire point of using wasabi in the first place, since you want it for both the flavour AND the heat. Same goes with chilli chocolates, not much point in a chilli flavoured chocolate bar.

    I think I will stick to chilli chocolate though. I think the flavour of real wasabi is a little overpowering and puts the chocolate in the back seat, when I believe the chocolate flavour should be the dominant flavour.

    Overall bad concept. Although anything can grow on you if you consume enough of it.

  21. cas

    can lindt refund me for this terrible choc. Send me a more decent one

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