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This intriguing box of chocolates was a gift from my favourite chocolate guide, and comes from a new shop called 40point5 in Kensington. The name refers to the melting point of chocolate. Clever – but perhaps something that will go over the head of the average consumer.

40point5 is the creation of Jonathan Deddis, former head chocolatier at Cocomaya. It perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise then that the chocolates look like a collection of work from some of the country’s best known chocolatiers.

Going on looks alone, I see hints of Lauden, Demarquette, Paul A. Young and even Cocoa Mountain. It’s an eclectic mix to say the least.

The flavours are a little less eclectic, though. Most of these chocolates have a simple dark chocolate ganache filling with simple flavours. (Ignore the dusting of white icing sugar over everything in the photos – my box was quite well traveled!)

I methodically sampled every chocolate in the box, and although there were some slight flavour variations; a little alcohol, mint or fruit here and some nuttiness there, along with the obligatory salted caramel. For the most part though, there isn’t a great deal to differentiate the chocolates.

That ganache is actually very nice. It’s rich and smooth, yet fresh and light. But given the wildly different looks, I was expecting something a little more – they reminded me of the Jacque Genin French chocolates I tried recently. A lot of effort has been put into presentation and quality ingredients, but the flavours lack some of the flair and imagination I’ve come to expect from British chocolatiers.

For the average consumer though, that’s really just nitpicking. They’re quality, fresh chocolates and most people would be very happy to to receive them (just as I was!). Jonathan Deddis is obviously a talented chocolatier, but I’d love to see him take a few more chances with flavour combinations in the future.


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