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It’s been just a month since we last reviewed chocolates from Katie Christoffers’ Matcha Chocolat, but with Valentine’s Day over, it’s time to look at a selection designed for Mothers’ Day.

Inside the same simple and stylish packaging is another selection of eight different chocolates.

Los Ancones
As simple and as pure as they come. Single plantation 67% dark chocolate ganache from Santo Domingo decorated with gold leaf decoration. One of the tests of a good chocolatier is how good the simple unflavoured chocolates are, and this is probably as good as anything I’ve had by William Curley or Paul A. Young. It’s very simple, very smooth and packed with flavour. I’d happily eat a whole box of these.

Pink Grapefruit
Madagascan 64% and Santa Domingo 67% dark chocolate blended with cream and pink grapefruit juice. Tastes like you’re eating a box of sunshine. The sweetness and acidity are perfectly balanced. Fruity and delicious, with just a hint of that sharp grapefruit aftertaste.

Passion Fruit
64% Madagascan dark and 49% Venezuelan milk chocolate ganache blended with orange cream and passion fruit puree. I love how tangy and fruity this chocolate is. What looks like a simple chocolate ganache is packed with fruit flavour. Delicious.

Hazelnut & Cinnamon
Venezuelan dark chocolate with hazelnut paste, feullantine wafers, cinnamon and salt in a milk chocolate shell. Probably the closest Matcha has come to a traditional praline. The perfect amount of crunch and that hint of flavour make this one stand out from the crowd though.

Tonka Bean Caramel
A heart shaped 64% Venezuelan dark chocolate with a salted tonka bean caramel filling. I don’t have much experience of tonka bean chocolates, but what I have tried, I like. The tonka adds an interesting flavour accent to this caramel. I think it would be fine without the tonka, but it certainly adds a new dimension to the ever popular salted caramel.

Masala Chai Caramel
A blue swirled dome of Venezuelan dark chocolate with a caramel centre that has been infused with all kinds of wonderful spices. There’s just a touch of heat in there, but mainly it’s just packed with flavour and deliciously smoooth.

Earl Grey
Madagascan 64% dark chocolate with an Earl Grey tea ganache. The perfect flavour balance for Earl Grey lovers. All the tea flavour comes through but not at the expense of the deliciously sweet and fruity Madagascan chocolate.

Lavender & Vanilla
Venezuelan dark and milk chocolate blended ganache blended with lavender and vanilla. A simple but unusual flavour combination, expertly executed. Delicious.

I continue to be surprised and delighted by Matcha Chocolat. I have to confess I was a little worried when Katie moved away from purely tea inspired chocolates, but in actual fact, that move has enabled her to really show off her skill. Some of the flavour combinations are remarkable, and each chocolate is perfectly made and beautifully presented.

Any mum would be lucky to get these on Mothers’ Day. But do yourself a favour and by a box for yourself too – don’t make your mum share these.


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  1. We’ve all had that awkward moment when you take someone a gift of a box of chocs when you visit them – and they get you a drink and you stay a while, but they don’t open the chocolates… to share or not to share… 😉

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