J. D. Gross Madagascar 46%

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J. D. Gross Madagascar 46%

Having tasted a couple of the Malagasy dark chocolate bars from Madagascar I was compelled to buy this J.D. Gross bar when I saw it in Lidl. Made from the same Sambirano beans as Malagasy use but presented as a high cocoa content milk chocolate, I spotted 10% cream powder in among the ingredients.

J. D. Gross Madagascar 46%

Once opened, the chocolate gave off a lovely creamy cocoa aroma, light and yet hinting at hidden depths. It’s milk chocolate, but with a much richer and more complex smell. The same is true for the taste. This chocolate has a depth and intensity that most ‘ordinary’ milk chocolate can’t get close to. Obviously 46% cocoa solids is a huge amount for milk chocolate, but it’s also the choice of Sambirano beans. There is no bitterness at all here, just oodles of lush, creamy cocoa spreading out across the palate . The adddition of cream powder is probably a contributing factor as well – after all, if 1% salt can radically alter the flavour of chocolate, I’m certain 10% cream is going to do a lot for a milk chocolate. Obviously not ‘a glass and a half of full cream milk’ but nevertheless a significant addition.

This bar is further proof that it is possible to get one’s hands on premium quality chocolate at less than premium prices. Of course we’re not talking Master Chocolatier material but this milk chocolate is certainly cut above your average, and at a very reasonable price.


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  1. They look so wonderfully regal. Nice to see that even a Dark Side Devotee like yourself, Simon, can appreciate a milk every now and then!

  2. Jessica

    i stopped eating milk chocolate a while ago because it seemed to me that it was mainly fat. but J.D. Gross chocolate sounds like it’d be a good try. however, the best madagascar chocolate that i’ve ever had is Madécasse’s dark chocolate, i think it was the 63% kind the one that i tried. i’d suggest for you to try it, it has the type of flavor that no other chocolate has – true deliciousness. madecasse.com is the site if you want to check it out.

  3. kemi

    i bought this and thought mmmm
    oooh i wonder if theres a review on chocablog for it!!!

    you guys never fail me!!!

    i agree with above comments

    my favorite madagasca bar is the Hotel Chocolat 72% meneva plantation from the purist range..which i cant seem to find anymore 🙁

  4. Darlene

    A friend brought back some chocolate when she visited Germany last year and this Madagascar 46% chocolate bar was one of them. I absolutely love chocolate and this was one of THE best chocolate bars I have ever eaten. I grew up on German chocolate – my Oma sent me packages of chocolate at Christmas and for my birthday so I know good chocolate.

    The only problem is: I can’t the Madagascar chocolate bar anywhere here in Vancouver, Canada. I looked on the back of the package and it has the lidl.com website but you can’t order the chocolate.

    Does anyone know if and how I can order this chocolate online? I just have to have more of it!

    Thanks so much for your help,


  5. Ana

    I finally got to try it a week ago and it was… wow! Just how I like a milk chocolate bar to be – very creamy, with the taste focused on the cocoa. Best bar to be found at this price.

  6. Janie

    The 46% Madagascar is the best choc I have ever tasted, but LIDL have stopped selling the 100g. bars, and it is now only available in their boxes of mixed percentage choccies. Woe is me! We must campaign to get it reinstated.

    Does anyone know how to get hold of the manufacturer?

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