Hotel Chocolat Big City Bunny

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Hotel Chocolat Big City Bunny

It might seem like we’re barely into the new year, but Easter is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing… chocolate!

If there’s one chocolate company that’s always been a cut above the rest at Easter chocolate, it’s Hotel Chocolat. This year, they have a range of rather beautiful eggs in all shapes and sizes (some of which I’ll be reviewing separately), and this rather elegant chap.

His name is Danny.

Hotel Chocolat Big City Bunny

He’s pitched as a city worker bunny who works hard and plays hard and has a bit of a thing for the movie Grease. Yes, Hotel Chocolat have created an entire back story for this little character.

It’s almost a shame to kill him. But needs must.

Hotel Chocolat Big City Bunny

Danny is (was) a great looking rabbit. I love the simple clear plastic box that he’s packaged in. You get to see exactly what you’re buying, which is always a plus point when buying Easter chocolate.

The chocolate is better than your average Easter egg too. Sure it’s a simple 40% milk chocolate, but it’s chocolate and creamy and very pleasant. It’s not a fancy single origin chocolate and there are no exotic flavours, but Hotel Chocolat tell me that many consumers still find those things a bit confusing when it comes to seasonal products like this.

So there you have it. A simple but very well presented Easter bunny. At just £8, I think this is the perfect small Easter gift, and a thousand times better than your average Cadbury/Nestlé/Mars egg that’s packed with sugar and vegetable fats.


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