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Regular readers of Chocablog may know how much I love nougat. So when I saw these, it was the picture of the nougat crammed with nuts and fruit that got my attention rather than the chocolate – and just like the Thorntons nougat I reviewed a while back, I found myself looking for any mention of chocolate on the box just to have an “excuse” to buy them.

Luckily, half the pieces in this box are covered in “Belgian dark chocolate” – so I purchased them, safe in the knowledge that these are “work” calories (Chocablog is work! No, really!), rather than some frivolous indulgence.

As you can see, the nougat is packed with fruit and nuts. Or cranberries, melon, pistachios and hazelnuts if you want to be precise. I think only covering half the pieces in chocolate is a stroke of genius, as it’s the pictures of the “naked” nougat on the box that really sells them. Well, that’s what sold it to me, at least.

But what of the chocolate covered pieces? Well it’s actually pretty good, although there isn’t that much of it. The back of the box describes it as 74% “plain chocolate” (a term which I personally hate), but the covering is so thin that the sweetness and fruitiness of the nougat underneath comes through almost immediately. Both the flavour and the amount of chocolate complement the nougat perfectly. And sweeter and the whole thing would be too sweet. Any thicker, and it would just be too heavy.

And the nougat itself is excellent. It’s soft, chewy, fruity and totally delicous. It’s much more moist (and infinitely less polystyrene-like) than the Thorntons nougat. In fact, it was so good that I demolished the entire box as soon as I opened it, and I’m having to write this entire review from memory.

If you love nougat, you’ll almost certainly love these. If you don’t love nougat, well I suggest you go out and buy a box anyway… and send it to me. Thanks.


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  1. Ralf

    O my god, i need to know where i can buy these i really wanna try em. They make me so exited for some reason.

  2. We make pistachio cranberry nougats as well, but without the chocolate covering.


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