Ubuntu Ginger

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Ubuntu Ginger

This is the second of the Ubuntu bars I picked up at the Taste of Christmas show in December. The format is exactly the same as the ultra clovey Orange Spice bar I’ve already reviewed – a small, solid block of undisclosed weight – and it uses the same 60% dark chocolate.

As with the orange spice bar, the chocolate is a little too sweet and a little too bland for my taste. I really want something darker and deeper, particularly with ginger, but there’s just not that much going on.

Ubuntu Ginger

Unlike the Orange Spice bar where the clove flavour was almost overwhelming, there’s very little to see – or taste – in the way of ginger here. There are a few very small lumps and bumps in the base of the bar which I assume are ginger pieces, but nowhere near enough.

I know I’m a bit of a gingerholic, but I don’t think I’m alone. If you’re going to use it to flavour chocolate, there’s no point in being subtle about it. We want huge chunks of the stuff studded over the face of the bar, not 14 microns of ginger essence mixed with the chocolate (which is what this ends up tasting like). But there’s none of that intensity here.

Perhaps I’ve just been unlucky with my choice of flavours. I’m sure Ubuntu chocolate is made with love and care, but neither the over-intense Orange Spice or the bland Ginger bars have done much for me.


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