M&S Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate With Cinnamon, Coriander & Nutmeg

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M&S Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate With Cinnamon, Coriander & Nutmeg

We’ve all seen the adverts on TV “This isn’t just any (insert name of food), this is Marks & Spencer (whatever)”. Well, this is Marks & Spencer 36% organic Fairtrade cocoa milk chocolate made from beans grown in Peru and Panama. If this chocolate were a dog it would be a pedigree pooch alright – impeccable credentials.

This is a seasonal bar, obviously made to reflect Christmassy flavours (yes, we’re still ploughing our way through the Christmas chocs here!) with the addition of three classic Yuletide spices. I have tasted Cinammon and coriander together in chocolate before, and rather enjoyed it, but I’ve never had anything that included nutmeg and therein lies my problem with this bar.

I just found it a bit too ‘spice’ and not enough ‘chocolate’. I’m sure that the chocolate they used tastes absolutely marvellous – you can feel it melting away as you taste it. It’s rich, creamy and probably packed full of all kinds of cocoa flavours, but the spices trample it to death. I found the nutmeg a particularly strong flavour, and it just killed off what ought to have been a rather lovely tasting bar of very good quality chocolate.

This isn’t just a mistake. This is a Marks & Spencer mistake.


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