Green & Black’s Caramel

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Green & Black's Caramel

I seem to be buying a lot of caramel filled bars lately. It’s not deliberate, although I’m starting to think there’s something about seeing the word “caramel” that triggers a subliminal “Buy me now!” response in my messed up mind.

Green & Black’s Caramel bar is in a class above most of its competitors though.

Opening the thick paper wrapper reveals a second gold foil wrapper inside, which only serves to increase the expectancy of the chocolate inside.

Green & Black's Caramel

When you do finally get down to the chocolate, you’re not disappointed either. It’s obvious a lot of attention has gone into the look of the bar – from the design of the chunks right down the piece of card the chocolate sits on to stop it breaking before you get it home.

But the really interesting thing about this bar is the taste. It contains both sea salt and alcohol, and you can taste both. The wrapper claims the sea salt helps cut through the sweetness of the caramel, and I would have to agree. Some caramel bars just taste sickly sweet, but this has real depth.

This is still a very sweet chocolate bar, but unlike certain others I could mention it works because so much thought has gone into it. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re a caramel fan, give this a whirl.


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  1. I tried this one a couple of months ago. It wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t thrill me enough to even finish it, let alone write up a review. I did like the salty kick as a change from the Caramello bar.

  2. Glad I found this review, I saw it and then passed it up. I love just about anything caramel!

  3. Tamara

    Wow! I just went onto this site to see what it was about and there featured was “The” queen of all chocolate caramel bars. After having bought a box of these quite heftily-priced but well-worth-the-money chocolate bars in anticipation of using them in various recipes which called for both chocolate and caramel, I would buy them again. The sea salt lends a surprise and cuts through the sweet taste, yet I wonder if Green & Black’s would ever consider making this bar with dark rather than milk chocolate?

  4. I had some Green & Black’s dark chocolate about 2 years ago. I felt that it was very nicely packaged and they had obviously invested in marketing, but the actual chocolate quality did not match the price. Maybe it was just their dark chocolate, or perhaps they have improved?

  5. All I can say is AArrrgghh Mmmm c h o c h o l a t e, gooey.

    I haven’t had one of these for so long, don’t even know if I can get these in Canada,

    Keep up the great work on the site,

  6. Dan

    Disaster! I went to Watrose, Budgens and Planet organic in London and all of them have an evil imposter posing as Caramel with the same yellow strip across the top but actually sporting the label ‘Butterscotch’ (or something) instead. I bought it once as I was fooled by the label and was disappointed (the butterscotch is gross).

    But now they seem to have actually stopped selling the caramel and started just loading up all the caramel slots with the disgusting butterscotch as if they are trying to trick people into buying it because they think it’s caramel.

    Has it been taken off because they discovered green & blacks were putting plutonium in it or something?

    If there’s no good reason for this and I find the party(s) responsible…

    I am booking a therapist RIGHT NOW, I can’t believe there is no more green & blacks caramel in the world!

  7. Dee Sutherland

    Dear all who are in morning for Green & Black’s Caramel – I have had confirmation from G&B’s that they are no longer making it!!! Not selling enough they said; but what I still haven’t had an answer to is why it was hardly ever available. Most of the bigger supermarket chains sold ever flavour but Caramel – I had to hunt around to the odd local store that would get it in. I warned the owners of G&B’s that they were making a huge mistake selling out to Cadbury’s (yes, for anyone who didn’t know, they have owned G&B’s for a while now – blah!!!). PLEASE join me in writing to G&B’s (go to their website and e-mail them to complain about no caramel. We don’t want the imposter butterscotch in the caramel wrapping – what a cheek they’ve got!!

  8. Pedro

    I found this blog because I was bemoaning the fact that you can’t get this fabulous bar in the shops anymore. Bizarrely though you can buy it as a limited edition bar direct from Green & Black’s website! What are they playing at? Come on G&B – get this back in the shops now!

  9. Dan

    Just to let people know, G&B have started selling Caramel again on their website.

  10. You are dealing with the Devil, you’re 100% screwed.

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