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The second in a trio of bars from The Chocolate Cafe is this milk chocolate with honeycomb.

It’s a 33.6% cocoa solids chocolate that describes itself as “premium” for some reason. I’m not convinced that’s a great way to describe chocolate, as it’s the kind of wording that supermarkets use to describe products that are marginally better than their “value” ranges.

As with the other Chocolate Cafe bar, the presentation is simple, but effective. A good quality wrapper, and a nice looking bar of chocolate, divided into 24 chunks.

The one thing I noticed immediately is that there’s very little sign of honeycomb when you break a chunk off. Even on close inspection, it’s very difficult to see anything but the occasional air bubble inside the chocolate.

But if you can’t see the honeycomb, you can certainly taste it. The particles must be microscopic, because the chocolate has a pleasant crunch to it, but it’s more about the flavour than the texture. It’s sweet, with that distinctive caramelised honeycomb taste, but you still get all the rich creaminess of the milk chocolate.

At £3 per bar, it’s more expensive than the Butlers Honeycomb Crisp that Simon reviewed recently, but I think they’re aimed at similar market – big kids who never quite grew out of Cadbury Crunchie, but want something a little more sophisticated.

Like the Butlers bar, this is definitely only one for those with a sweet tooth, but if that’s your thing, you’ll love it.


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