James Raspberry Truffles

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James Raspberry Truffles

Time for something else from James. This time we have some dark chocolate raspberry truffles. Sounds good.

The first thing I noticed about these is that the colour is a little odd. Because they’re dark chocolate, dusted in pink raspberry powder, the end result has an odd purple, speckled effect, although that doesn’t come across particularly well in this photo.

James Raspberry Truffles

Inside, we have a smooth, dark ganache which is flavoured with raspberry and a touch of balsamic vinegar. This gives it a really nice zingy, fruity flavour that works particularly well with the dark chocolate. And that raspberry powder coating just adds to the effect. It’s never overpowering though, and there’s just the right amount of sweetness to balance the flavours out.

That brings me to the chocolate. It seems to be the same 60% dark chocolate that James use throughout their range, including in the cupcake easter egg I reviewed most recently. I mentioned then that I’m really not fond of it as it’s overly sweet and lacks any depth of flavour.

Yet in these truffles, it works really well. The sweetness of the chocolate is the perfect counterpoint to the slightly bitter raspberry, and the fact that it’s not particularly rich gives the fruit flavour plenty of opportunity to come through.

I really liked these, and so did the group of friends I shared the box with. I don’t think they’re up to the level of some of the finer artisan truffles I’ve tried lately, but they’re perfect for sharing with friends.

Unfortunately, they’re not currently listed on the James web site, so I can’t tell you how much they are or where to get them, but they’re certainly worth looking out for.


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