Chocoholly Organic Milk Chocolate Fish With Geranium

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Chocoholly Organic Milk Chocolate Fish With Geranium

Another offering from artist-turned-chocolate maker Holly Caulfield, these chocolate fish actually taste like flowers – geraniums to be precise. Having had both good and merely reasonable geranium flavoured chocolate before, I was interested to see what these fish shaped chocolates had to offer. (I was also very relieved that they weren’t mackerel flavoured).

Holly’s organic milk chocolate weighs in at a hefty 45% cocoa, so to my mind all that was required was to get the flavour balance right and we’d have a winner. However, too much geranium and I was going to feel like I’d been drinking air freshener, and too little and I’d merely be disappointed.

Chocoholly Organic Milk Chocolate Fish With Geranium

You can see how dark this ‘milk’ chocolate was – bursting with potential.

There are differences, but essentially when you taste geranium chocolate for the first time, you tend to think of Turkish Delight. Floral flavours are uncommon in confectionery (well, they used to be – other reviews will bear this out) giving little room for comparison with anything else, but you soon begin to notice the differences in flavour between geranium and rose.

It was always going to be the geranium flavour which arrived first. Waves of bright floral scents and a natural heady sweetness preceeded any cocoa flavours by a long way, and it was only as the chocolate really began to break down that it was allowed to show off a little. In fact, I found myself wondering if Chocoholly might produce a bar of this chocolate in an unadulterated form, just so we could really appreciate the potential of a 45% Organic milk chocolate.

Because of its very nature, the floral flavour arrives quickly and takes a long time to leave. The chocolate flavours are always going to be slightly masked by the burst of geranium, but upping the cocoa content was a smart move. When tested on my usual group of (all adult) guinea pigs, the only complaint was that couldn’t have one each. So, a curious flavour which obviously has wide ranging appeal.


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  1. Yes you can buy a rich milk bar which is 46% cocoa solids,
    its available in John Lewis foodhalls (Oxford st or Bluewater)
    and also on my website for £3.65 per bar.

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