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Time for something a little Christmassy from Scotland’s Berry Scrumptious, makers of stunningly fresh chocolate-dipped strawberries, and interesting, but less-stunning berry chocolate bars.

This “mulled berry” version follows the same format Berry Scrumptious’ other bars – broken shards of chocolate in a simple cellophane wrapper. In fact, they’re quite similar to Matcha’s chocolate shards, but perhaps a little less refined.

This is a milk chocolate is 35% cocoa solids of unspecified origin, flavoured with blueberry, raspberry, orange extract, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Blueberry might be a slightly odd choice, but the other flavours would seem to fit with the Christmas theme.

And the taste? Christmassy! They’ve certainly managed to capture some of the essence of mulled wine with the choice of fruit and spices, but it’s not overpowering and the flavour of the milk chocolate still comes through. The cloves are perhaps a tiny bit overdone though, as that’s the flavour that stays with you after the chocolate has gone.

The chocolate is also full of freeze dried fruit pieces, which give it an interesting texture and means that the flavour develops as it melts and the fruit takes on moisture.

The flavours are not as exotic as the Matcha shards (which also have the advantage of coming in beautiful tins), but at £2.95 for an 85g bag, they’re quite affordable and would make a nice little stocking filler this Christmas.


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  1. It is very simple in design,but if it comes to chocolates no matter what the packaging is..simply delicious….


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