Thorntons Continental Milan Collection

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Thorntons Continental Milan Collection

Here we have the dark chocolate selection that complements the milk chocolate ‘Paris’ collection. I’m not entirely sure why Milan is dark and Paris is milk, but I am eagerly awaiting the ‘Scunthorpe’ and ‘Wokingham’ collections. They should be fun.

Like the ‘Paris’ box, we have a total of 28 chocolates here, with 8 unique varieties. But despite suffering from a little bit of blooming, these look a bit more appetising than their milk chocolate siblings. Looking at the menu, there seems to be much more variety in the flavours too.

So let’s see what we’ve got:

A “freshley brewed” coffee mousse covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder. Nice enough, and the coffee taste is OK, but it’s not very strong. I’m guessing this signifies another fairly bland box of chocolates..

Lemon Mousse
Similar to the Espresso, but made with lemon. This one has a bit more flavour and is actually quite zesty and refreshing. Better.

Milanese Truffle
A “hazelnut liqueur truffle” that tastes of nothing. That’s quite a feat.

Looks, tastes and feels nothing like a tiramisu. Mine was actually rock hard too. Oh dear.

Thorntons Continental Milan Collection

I don’t know what this is. Apparently it has lemon in it. I’m losing interest.

Crunchy Nougat Praline
This one’s not bad. A soft praline with tiny crunchy pieces of nougat that actually taste of nougat.

Panna Cotta
A fairly pleasant vanilla cream, decorated with white chocolate.

A quite sickly honey truffle with “italian amartti granules”. Gah.

Ok, so as you can probably guess I’m not impressed with these at all. Some of the ideas were interesting, but the execution was poor and the ingredients cheap and nasty. Not to mention the large indentations on the back of each chocolate that look like someone has stuck their thumb into them.

This is really disappointing – I was prepared to give the Paris collection the benefit of the doubt, but these are simply nasty. Luckily, I know there’s some high quality stuff coming from Thorntons soon, so if you see this in a shop, avoid it.

And Thorntons – please stop wasting your time and money on junk like this and concentrate on quality. Please.


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  1. lisa-j

    have you tried the non bloomed versions!?

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I haven’t, no. They offered to send a new box, but nothing showed up. Not going to buy one, because there are much more exciting things in Thorntons to spend my money on. 🙂

  3. lisa-j

    there certainly is more exciting things to buy for us non traditionalists!

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