Lucky’s Humpty Dumpty Chestnut Milk Chocolate Egg

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I’m a big fan of Lucky’s. Their Valrhona enrobed cakes are as innovative as they are delicious, so I was excited to hear they were branching out for Easter.

Their Humpty Dumpty eggs are just as unusual as their cakes, with the shells consisting of two layers of chocolate with a filling sandwiched in between. These 320g eggs are presented in a large reusable tin, which really does make them stand out.

There are three varieties to choose from; white chocolate with pumpkin, milk chocolate with chestnut and dark chocolate with caramel. They come in two sizes, and I was lucky enough to be given one of the large milk chocolate eggs with chestnut puree filling.

Unfortunately, I picked mine up from the Southbank Chocolate Festival, where I think the heat must have got the better of it, as the chocolate wasn’t in great condition.

This was my first experience of chestnut and chocolate and it wasn’t really my thing. I think it’s probably a ‘love it or hate it’ flavour though, as Chloe really seemed to enjoy hers.

I love the concept of these eggs, but this one just didn’t quite hit the mark for me. I’m putting that down to a combination of personal taste and a little too much heat.

If you’re in London, Lucky’s have a pop-up shop on the 5th Floor of Harvey Nichols until the end of the month, so you can try them for yourself and make up your mind. Just be sure to pick us up a few Honey Time cakes while you’re there…


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